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Bride Sparks Debate After Revealing She Won't Provide Food On Her Wedding Day

Bride Sparks Debate After Revealing She Won't Provide Food On Her Wedding Day

One bride had a very unpopular idea of how to cut costs on her big day and her bridesmaid is debating whether to say something

Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones

Weddings are a license to burn money. And while couples and their families know what they're letting themselves in for financially, chances are that if there's a way to shave a considerable chunk off the overall cost, they'll take it. But while making your own cake or sending out email invitations are smart ways to save - this bride doesn't seem to have thought through her money-saving scheme properly.


While it's the couple's day, and they have to do what makes them happy, guests may struggle as they've decided not to serve food at an all-day wedding.

One of her bridesmaids shared the bride-to-be's plan on Facebook as she's worried about herself, and the other guests, being too hungry and, perhaps more importantly, too drunk after all-day drinking on an empty stomach.


She wrote anonymously: "Okay so, I'm bridesmaid in a wedding in May.

"This girl I've known for about 10 years now is the bride, and they are really focused on their wedding being a nice and relaxed time on some large outdoor property. Lots of handmade items, barn style, bonfire, it's gonna be super cute.

"I love simplicity and it's totally them."

So far, so good.

She goes on: "I just found out that to cut costs, they're not providing food. Like, what!

"It's a whole day thing, even into the night, and no food?!

"I'm gonna end up ordering a pizza or something for myself, my partner and our friends while we're there I guess.

"Everyone else I can see getting hammered with no food and it's going to be messy.

"As a bridesmaid, should I say something? Is this a normal thing to cut in order to reduce costs?"

As you might expect, Facebook users had very strong views on the matter.

One said: "If you can't afford to feed all your guests you either need to invite less people or have a smaller, shorter wedding. If you have people all day food is not optional."


Another commented: "If the wedding is like, not at a meal time, that's different. But since it's lasting all day, that's just rude not to provide food."


Some commenters were quick to offer potential solutions, suggesting that the bridesmaids could help chip in for food as their wedding gift to help the couple out. "Maybe you and the other bridesmaids could make that your wedding gift to the couple? Get a cheap caterer for like $10 a head and each pay a couple hundred towards it? I would think that would be a very memorable gift. Otherwise people will be talking about her wedding as the worst one they ever attended for years to come..."

But some commenters weren't happy with that solution claiming that the responsibility should fall on the bride: "No. They really shouldn't have to do that. When having a big event, food should be in the top five priorities. I've never even invited friends over without at least having some snacks to put out. It's common courtesy."


What do you think? Would you have a food-free wedding to cut costs? What should the bridesmaid do to help?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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