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Dog Left For Dead After Being Run Over Finally Finds A Home

Dog Left For Dead After Being Run Over Finally Finds A Home

We're so glad this good boy has found his forever home.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A pooch that was left for dead after being run over in Romania has found a loving forever home at last.

Boris, aged 12, was "lifeless" at the side of the road when he was rescued. He has now been fostered by Sally Keen, from Worcestershire, who says she was heartbroken when she saw the images of her dog following the incident.

Boris was left for dead after being run over (
Caters News)

Sally, 40, who is also a dog groomer, explained: "I have a soft spot for the dogs that nobody else wants. So when I saw Boris, who was originally called Onyx, covered in blood whilst on the vets table - I wanted to help him.

"I thought what a poor dog and didn't think he would be able to survive. He was pretty messed up and couldn't even move.

"I followed his journey online and he didn't give up. The odds were against him as he had broken his jaw and his spine had been damaged causing him to be unable to move his limbs. But he wasn't ready to go."

Hero Sally has fostered Boris (
Caters News)

After three months of recovering, Boris was finally ready for the two-day journey to meet his new family. Sally decided to call him Boris after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

"When he arrived, he was pretty skinny and so shy. He was wary of people with bald patches on his fur," said Sally.

"But now, he is like a completely different dog. He is getting younger by the day."

Boris was rescued by Amicii Dog Rescue - which is a UK based charity helping dogs in need in Transylvania, Western Romania.

Sally says Boris is like a new dog (
Caters News)

The charity made Sally a foster carer for Boris and have so far raised £200 to pay for surgery to fill a hole in the pup's mouth.

Sally said: "He has had two operations as he lost his front teeth which left a hole going up to his nasal cavity which wasn't good because food could get stuck in his airways.

"The vet worried in case they wouldn't be able to fix it - thankfully they could otherwise it may have led to an infection.

"He has some issues with his spine from being run over so the charity paid for physiotherapy in Romania before he came back.

Sally says she is heartbroken when she sees images of poor Boris after the incident (
Caters News)

"He was very robotic when he arrived but now he runs - especially if he hears the biscuit tin, he is in there like a shot."

Sally has helped multiple 'end of life' dogs and says it is very rewarding.

"It is super sad having to say goodbye to dogs but it is good to know that I have helped them live their best life before dying," she said.

"My daughter Delilah, eight, finds it rewarding too. She loves Boris and is happy that we are able to give him a second chance."

This is such heartwarming news; Sally, you are a hero!

Featured Image Credit: Caters News

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