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New And Existing ​NatWest Customers Can Pocket £175 Cash With This Clever Hack

New And Existing ​NatWest Customers Can Pocket £175 Cash With This Clever Hack

Did someone say free money?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

NatWest and non-NatWest customers listen up, if you fancy pocketing £175 for nothing, it's time you switched your current account.

This clever little hack means you can bag the money either from becoming a brand new NatWest customer, or benefit if you already have an account with them - just as long as it's not a main current account.

All you need to do to benefit from the free money is swap your current account over to a NatWest Select account (the bank's most popular current account) and you can do this whether you have a second account with them already or not.

Switch before 2nd April to claim the £175 (

The only second accounts that are excluded are: the Basic, Foundation, Youth, Student and Graduate accounts. If you don't have those attached to your Natwest account then go right ahead.

There are no other catches either, because the Select account incurs no monthly fee and still offers the popular GetCash service - meaning you can withdraw money from a machine without your bank card by using a passcode sent to your phone. Handy when you leave your purse at home!

Another major thing to note is you must be over 18. And after switching, you have to make a payment of £1500 into your current account by 10th May and log into online banking or the app too (find full terms and conditions here). February, March or April pay days are the perfect window to make it happen.

Just be sure to do switch soon, because this offer isn't hanging around long - it launched yesterday and will run until 2nd April only.

You can easily do it online here, or head into a branch, provided you've not received a cash offer from NatWest for switching since October 2017.

Within seven days of filling in the application form, your existing payments will move and your old non-Natwest account will be closed.

Just be sure to double check what overdraft the new account offers, just in case it's less than your current one, or they charge more for it - you don't want to get stung!

You must be over 18 and not be using a student account currently to qualify (

Once all that's complete, you will receive your lump sum on 5th June... just in time for a cheeky early summer getaway.

we reckon it's worth the hassle if it pays towards a weekend in the sun!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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