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People Are Raving Over These Crease Release Sprays

People Are Raving Over These Crease Release Sprays

People are calling them "magic".

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Ironing is no one's favourite chore, but for those that despise the task with every fibre of their being (welcome to the club) we may have discovered the perfect solution.

There's a new "magic" crease eradicating spray on the scene - and shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on it.

Lenor's Crease Releaser promises to rid your clothes of creases. Simply spray the garment a few times, 'pull and smooth' the creases, and leave it to hang. After a few hours, you'll find your clothes crease-free and smelling delish.

Already shoppers are raving about the product, which comes in two delicious scents: 'spring awakening' and 'gold orchid'.

Mum Rachel Furness, who used the product on her child's clothes, posted the results on Facebook Group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It simply uttering: "Wow".

Rachel Furness loved the results when she used it on her baby's clothes (
Facebook/Rachel Furness)

Other customers have been singing the Lenor product's praises, with one woman saying: "I tried this on my husband's work trousers last night, worked fantastically."

"It works like a dream. Sprayed on crushed bed sheet. Pulled it after spraying hung over my clothes dryer and left. Went back later and creases gone like magic," wrote another fan.

"I think its amazing i love the stuff," raved another.

Esta Rowlands also loved the new product (
Facebook/Esta Rowlands)

The doyen of cleaning herself, Mrs Hinch, even trialled the product on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday and she seemed to rate it.

The cleaning influencer tried the spray on her husband Jamie's t-shirt, demonstrating the process on her Stories.

"It's not completely crease free but it's a definite improvement and it smells lovely," the 30-year-old says admitting next time she'll attempt the 'pull and smooth' technique better next time.

Mrs Hinch tried Lenor's Crease Release spray (

Ok, so where can we get our hands on this?

Currently, the product only appears to be available in Home Bargains and B&M for the reasonable price of £2.45. You can find your nearest Home Bargains and B&M stores here.

For an alternative, shoppers have been saying the formula is a simple mix of fabric softener and water, and the same effects can be achieved by DIYing your own crease releaser for a lot cheaper.

We can't vouch for this, but worth a go!

Featured Image Credit: Lenor

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