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You Can Now Buy A Bed Stand For Your Laptop - For All Your Home Working Needs

You Can Now Buy A Bed Stand For Your Laptop - For All Your Home Working Needs

You can now work from your bed while feeling a bit more 'legit'.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Many across the UK have just rounded off their first full week of working from home - and it's been a funny old adjustment for many.

We wonder, is it healthy to be working from our beds? Should we be setting up miniature offices? What's the deal with showering? And don't even get us started on the minefield of conference call etiquette (anyone else about a day away from rocking a facemask during one?)

If *where* to work is proving a bit of a dilemma (i.e. you simply can't make up your mind between the comfort of your bed and the more sensible option of a desk), then we have just the product for you.


Available on Amazon, a portable laptop stand allows you to be productive from your bed or sofa. Sold by Zipom, this nifty piece of kit comes with a stand for your laptop, as well as a tray for your tea, coffee or snack.

Made in fancy bamboo, it'll also makes you kind of feel as if you've just been delivered room service in a posh hotel (but instead of pancakes it's spreadsheets). Dreamy, eh?

The laptop stand costs £23.69 with free delivery, but do bear in mind that Amazon are clamping down on non-essential deliveries.

The laptop stand lets you work anywhere you want in comfort (

On Tuesday, the company told sellers it would be only be accepting shipments for "household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products".

It's not clear whether Zipom's laptop stand is eligible, though a quick test by Tyla has allowed us to add it to our shopping bag and head all the way to the checkout.

Another excellent invention that's bound to level-up your WFH and solve all your ergonomic woes is the Soul Seat.

Unlike your standard issue office chair, the Soul Seat features an adjustable raised seat, and below that, a second level which you can cross your legs on, or have one leg hanging off and one tucked back.

Other positions include resting your shins on the second level, with your feet sticking our the back, or you could even adopt a squat position, resting both feet flat.

Aside from letting you sit like a child (the dream), the Soul Seat is said to be incredible for posture. According to the company, it "tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral position".

It's also meant to be a must-have for those who are a little stiff in the leg department.

One of each, please!

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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