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This Artist Will Transform Your Pet Into A Disney Character

This Artist Will Transform Your Pet Into A Disney Character

These are *so* adorable.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

If you've ever thought that your beloved pet is Disney-levels of cute (yep, been there) then you may want to check out a certain Instagram artist.

Dutch illustrator Isa Bredt is the brains behind Insta account Pet Disneyfication (@pet_disneyfication) and specialises in adorable Disney-style custom portraits of furry companions.

The final images are so cute and look like they are lifted straight out of Walt Disney's back catalogue, while still bearing an uncanny resemblance to their subjects.

The detailed custom portraits look like they were lifted straight from the Disney archive! (
@pet_disneyfication / @scoot.butt)

Think bashful puppers, bug-eyed kittens and even bunnies on leads.

Oh, and if you don't want to (quite literally) be left out of the picture, you can get a portrait of yourself and your pet done too.

Each portrait is entirely bespoke and custom-drawn, so it's best to contact Isa for a quote.

The illustrator first looks at the pet's most characterful features - picking out the distinctive quirks in their eyes, ears or nose, for instance - before painstakingly creating the portraits in Photoshop.

You can even get a bespoke Disney-inspired portrait of you and your furry companion (
@pet_disneyfication/ @madmax_fluffyroad)

Talking about her creative process, the illustrator told Tyla: "I look at a pictures [of the pet] first, to see how the body, tail, face and markings look, so I have an idea what an animal looks like from most angles.

"I try to find things that make a pet special, like a certain expression or pose, or if they've got really big eyes or a small nose. That sort of thing. I draw in Photoshop on a wacom 22hd."

Isa started out on Reddit when she was just 16, where she would "do free drawings of people's pets for fun", juggling her love of illustration with her school commitments.

"I did this a few times a year, and started getting a bit better over time - the first attempts were... not great!" explained Isa.

People began to offer payment, and eventually the hobby evolved into a summer job. It was then that Isa started her own Instagram account - and today, Disney portraits are her full-time career.

"It grew pretty quickly and now it's actually my full-time job!" said the artist.

Isa's project was inspired by her love of old Disney movies, especially ones involving animals. Lion King, The Aristocats, and Lady and the Tramp are some of her personal favourites.

"I watched those movies so many times when I was younger, and I still watch and love them," she said.

The illustrator will pick out your pet's distinguishing features before painstakingly creating their portrait in Photoshop (
@pet_disneyfication / @boris.and.doug)

Anyone else completely blown away by these? We've never wanted a pet portrait so badly.

Featured Image Credit: @pet_disneyfication

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