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School Girl's Sassy Letter To McDonald's Is Giving Us Life

School Girl's Sassy Letter To McDonald's Is Giving Us Life

Georgia May Hibbert wrote a polite but firm letter to McDonald's after discovering they do not deliver to her area.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

A10-year-old schoolgirl wrote a sassy four page letter to McDonald's after discovering the fast food chain did not deliver to her area.

Georgia May Hibbert explained in her polite but firm letter that she had been looking forward to her 'deserving' meal while self-isolating in Chorley, Lancashire.

The thoughtful youngster took felt pen to paper to urge McDonald's to reach a 'compromise' on this occasion. She explained how if they were to meet her demands, a lot of other children would be 'very happy' - while it would help their 'entire company' as they were losing a 'lot of money' by not doing it.

Using elaborate phrases like 'regardless to' and 'with this in mind', Georgia demanded to know why McDonald's didn't deliver to her area and said that while she was only 10 she believed she could a difference.

Georgia May Hibbert wrote the letter in felt pen (

Georgia was careful to remain polite throughout her note and even said that while she had 'very strong' opinions on the matter, the chain remained 'top of her takeaway list'.

The full letter reads: "Dear McDonald's. First, wow! Excellent food but I think it's a bit unfair for the people who can't get this delicious food.

"I'm currently self isolating at the moment because I've been in contact with someone with COVID-19. So I've done a COVID test and for my reward I was going to get a McDonald's for tea.

"But after I got all excited about it, apparently you don't deliver to my house.

"I live about 10-15 minutes away from the nearest McDonald's restaurant and think it's odd and disappointing that you don't deliver to me and many other houses nearby. With this in mind, who do you deliver to?

"You may be wondering who I am and how old I am? So I'm Miss Georgia May Hibbert and I am 10 years old. I have CFS which stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

"So you could imagine how much I miss out on and sometimes I have bad days, and this week I've felt more down due to first paragraph. So that's another reason why I deserved that McDonald's I was hoping for.

The four page letter asks McDonald's to come to a compromise (

"Similar point to what I said before that you don't drive to me and I live 10-15 minutes away from McDonald's.

"Think of all the other children like me and you can't deliver to them. Also that's a lot of money going away from your entire company, regardless to the first lockdown and you shut down completely.

"I think it would be helpful to your company and me and all the other children if you add more destinations to yoru delivery list.

"I may only be a 10-year-old but I can make a difference. My goal is to get your company to listen to me and for you to get my argument across politely.

"I do feel very strong about my opinion and I hope we can compromise and in case you're wondering, I live in Wheelton in Chorley and if you agree with me, you will make a lot of children near me very happy.

"Including me as McDonald's is still at the top of my takeaway list. Yours sincerely, Georgia May Hibbert."

Mum Mary Hibbert, 33, says the family had tried to order the food through the My McDonald's delivery app, which uses Uber Eats and Just Eat as their delivery partners. However Just Eat stated that they are not the delivery partner for Georgia's area.

Georgia's mum shared it to McDonald's on social media after the letter was finished.

Mary explained that the letter was not out of character for the budding writer, who enjoys getting her opinions across.

Georgia's mum posted the letter on Twitter (

"She was obviously a bit annoyed about not being able to have McDonald's so she took herself off and started writing notes," she said.

"So she told me 'I've decided I'm going to do something about this'.

"I assume McDonald's doesn't deliver to our area because it's a distance issue. But like she said in her letter, it's only a 15 minute drive.

"We would usually drive out to get it ourselves, but we were having to self isolate, so we were relying on a delivery option.

"Georgia had done a COVID test, which she really didn't want to do, so McDonald's was meant to be her reward."

Georgia is an aspiring writer (

Mary said: "She's always been like that [quite outspoken] - in a polite way. She's quite mature for her age, for a 10-year-old. She enjoys getting her opinion across.

"I was going to email the letter to McDonald's, but I couldn't find an email to send it to, so I just put it up on Twitter.

"She enjoyed writing, she always has enjoyed writing. She loves writing stories and poems."

Just Eat stated that while they are one of the fast food chain's delivery partners, they do not look after the branch that is nearest to Georgia.

McDonald's and Uber Eats have been contacted for comment.

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