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Cat Miraculously Survives After Owner Turned On The Washing Machine With Him Inside

Cat Miraculously Survives After Owner Turned On The Washing Machine With Him Inside

Janae Blackman managed to save her cat after hearing a loud thud in the washing machine after turning it on.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

A lucky cat escaped unscathed after his owner accidentally locked it in the washing machine.

Long haired cat Optimus Jack crept into the washing machine while owner, Janae Blackman, 22, had her back turned and an oblivious Janae loaded the machine, setting it for a 30-minute spin.

When Janae heard a thud in the washer, she quickly stopped the wash and rescued her beloved kitty.

Janae Blackman, 22, managed to save her cat Optimus Jack after he entered the washing machine (

The disability mentor and business management student from New York, said: "I'd had a busy day at work and was catching up on some laundry.

"I loaded the washer in the bathroom, then went to the kitchen but I heard a thud in the washer so I looked inside and he was in there scrambling around.

"I panicked and just thought 'oh my God, is this really happening?'

"I'm just thankful we can stop the washing machine because not everyone's washing machine does that but when I stop mine the water drains out.

"He'd only been in there for about a minute but it could have been a lot worse. I got him out, examined him and dried him off.

Janae says Optiminus Jack hasn't napped in the washing machine after the incident (

"I just couldn't believe it had really happened. I find comfort in laughing when things like this happen and he looked quite funny."

The nine-month-old cat wasn't harmed but Janae said he's learned his lesson, and hasn't napped in the washing machine since.

She said: "He hasn't been in the washing machine since.

"He stares at it when a load is in and it looks like he's thinking how evil it is. He's definitely learned his lesson.

Optimus Jack still has eight of his nine lives left (

"We named him after Optimus Prime because he's a leader and Jack Sparrow because he's so curious. He has a great personality."

Janae shared the ordeal on Facebook to warn other cat owners and the post racked up 72,000 shares.

She said: "I shared it to Facebook to raise awareness so people check their washing machines and the same thing doesn't happen to them because I was lucky that I've got a washing machine that opens.

"I never expected it to go as viral as it did.One second I had 20 likes and the next I had 300, it was crazy."

The famous cat now has his own Instagram page at optimusjackthecat.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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