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Build-A-Bear Has Launched A New 'Doctor Who' Collection

Build-A-Bear Has Launched A New 'Doctor Who' Collection

PSA for all 'Doctor Who' fans....

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Build-A-Bear has just launched a new collection and Doctor Who fans are going to be obsessed with the adorable stuffed toys.

The online exclusive features two different designs (based on David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker's Doctors) and offers a variety of accessories.

It's the perfect gift for the 'Doctor Who' fan in your life (

Prices on the Build-A-Bear website start at £21.50 for the bear alone, which features adorable blue paw pads - one featuring the latest series logo and a TARDIS on the other. It also comes with cute hearts stitched onto its chest *and* there's the opportunity to add a scent or sound.

"Buckle up for an amazing ride with Doctor Who Bear! Armed with Doctor Who paw pads and special hearts stitched on its chest, this cuddly teddy bear is all set to travel through space and time," the description reads.

There are two sets to choose from, including this one for £50.50 (

There are two gift sets available to buy in the range. The 'Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver' set - based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor) features all the clothing and accessories and is priced at £50.50.

This includes the bear, the thirteenth doctor costume, the sonic screwdriver with sound and bearland boots.

Meanwhile, the second design - David Tennant's 'Tenth Doctor' costume - is priced at £51.50 for the full set. Instead of the bearland boots, the tenth doctor outfit has the *cutest* red canvas high tops (please note these are not suitable for children under the age of three).

One of the designs is based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor (
You can also buy the clothing and accessories separately, with prices starting at £5.50 for the high tops.

And if you want to go all out, there's the option to buy both costume sets with a TARDIS gift box. Build-A-Bear explain: "This soft toy gift box looks just like the indestructible time machine beloved by millions of fans.

"It's perfect for giving Doctor Who Bear as a gift or simply storing your collection (it's bigger on the inside!)."

To view the full range, visit the Build-A-Bear website. It's a good job the collection is an online exclusive because we've got a feeling the queues would be out the door for these adorable bears!

You can also include a TARDIS gift box (

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Featured Image Credit: Build-A-Bear

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