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A Bottomless Espresso Martini Festival Is Coming This Weekend

A Bottomless Espresso Martini Festival Is Coming This Weekend

This is a bit of us.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Oh espresso martini, how we love thee! And we love them even more when we can drink them in unlimited amounts.

Which is why The Espresso Martini Society's bottomless event - which is being held in London this weekend - is our ultimate hangout.

For an hour and 30 minutes, coffee and cocktail connoisseurs will be able to drink five different variations of Espresso Martini Society's favourites.

These include the indulgent and creamy 'After Eight' which - as you can probably guess - is a take on the classic Espresso Martini but with a delicate twist of mint.

Next up is the luxurious 'Strawberry Dream' - a mouthwatering fruity variation on the classic coffee cocktail, which is perfectly finished with a dusting of freeze dried raspberries.

Weekend plans are officially sorted (

For an exotic twist, guests can try the 'Coco Loco' creation, too, which is made with rum as opposed to vodka. There's also 'The Hot One' for those who are partial to a bit of spice.

But if you're a fan of the original (why change a good thing, right?) then fear not, the bottomless offer also includes the classic 'Usual Suspect' espresso martini.

Anyone else really fancy one RN?

The tickets are priced at £25 which if you ask us, is a seriously good deal. Especially when you consider one cocktail in London can cost upwards of £12.

It's a minty take on the classic espresso martini (
The Espresso Martini Society)

The event will be held at KO Coffee, near King's Cross Station in London. Which is *very* handy if you're not a local and are travelling to the event.

There are a number of time slots to choose from, each lasting 90 minutes.

And while it does fall on Valentine's weekend, fear not - it's certainly not reserved as a couples event - but if you are planning on booking with a big group, you best be quick as the tickets are flying.

Of course, every brunch fan will know one of the best parts about a bottomless event is being able to drink as much as you can. But, it's worth mentioning that it's probably not the best idea to down your coffee cocktails like you would a glass of Prosecco.

If you're an espresso martini fan, this one is for you (

Aside from the fact that it's just *not* the way to drink an espresso martini, too much caffeine in 90 minutes isn't ideal.

Speaking to Tyla,'s clinical lead, Dr Daniel Atkinson strongly advises drinking water in between cocktails. He explained: "High caffeine can lead to indigestion and tremors when consumed excessively. The espresso martini consists of alcohol, sugar and caffeine which can be problematic.

"Caffeine makes you feel more alert, and can increase your heart rate. Alcohol also increases your heart rate in the short term. Too much caffeine can leave you overstimulated and can result in headaches, whereas alcohol often impairs judgement and reaction time due to chemical imbalance. It is advisable to drink water in between cocktails."

Guys, drink responsibly!

To book, visit the Design My Night website.

Featured Image Credit: The Espresso Martini Society

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