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People Are Flogging Aldi's Sold-Out Cat Chair On eBay

People Are Flogging Aldi's Sold-Out Cat Chair On eBay

Who knew the most in-demand item this month would be a cat-sized hanging chair?!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Aldi is renowned for their affordable and chic furniture products and the latest to be in high demand is the sold-out cat chair.

The supermarket's latest addition - which sold out shortly after launch - has proven to be so popular that people are flogging it on eBay for double the original price.

The Aldi cat-sized egg chair is being flogged on eBay for double the price (

The cat-sized hanging chair went on sale on Aldi's website on Sunday 23rd May for just £34.99 and for the people who missed out, it is now being sold on the online marketplace eBay. Although, customers may have to pay a lot more in order to treat their fur baby.

One 'buy it now' listing is selling the cat chair for £69.99. Sellers have also put up the chair for bidding, with some reaching as high as £74.99. With each bid, the price of the chair increases. With a week to go until the bidding ends, who knows how much the price will increase.

In fact, all 13 listings currently on eBay are priced higher than the original Aldi price.

People are bidding on the cat-sized egg chair after it sold out on Aldi's website (

So, what is all the hype about? The cat chair is inspired by Aldi's human-sized hanging chair which is one of their most popular furniture items. The £149.99 outdoor chair flew off shelves when it landed in the Specialbuys range, as people flocked to get a slice of stylish Ibiza in their own homes, at a fraction of the price of expensive alternatives.

And now people can gift their cat with the same taste of luxury for their cats. As part of the new Eco Pet range, the cat egg chair is made from hand-woven natural wicker and hanging from a strong metal frame.

Alongside the egg chair, a cat igloo was also available (

The chair promises not only to be a secure place for your cat to perch, but also optimum comfort, with a removable inner cushion.

It's currently sold-out but be sure to check back soon for news of when it's back in stock.

The Eco Pet range has tonnes of other fun items to stock up your home for your furry friend, including a cat igloo (£24.99, online only) - which doubles as a transportable bed - and bamboo pet bowls (£3.99), which come with two sections, so it's perfect for a household with more than one animal.

This has never been a better time to be a cat.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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