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People Are Not Happy With This Karen Halloween Costume

People Are Not Happy With This Karen Halloween Costume

People were not impressed with the costume on social media.

Shoppers are not happy at a 'Karen' Halloween costume being sold in stores.

Posting on Twitter, one person shared a photo of the costume, writing: "I don’t like how they’re profiting from the very real issue of racism."

People are not happy with this Karen costume (

The costume appears to include a woman's wig and a pair of sunglasses. Over the last couple of years, the name 'Karen' has become associated with a white woman who behaves in a privileged manner, demanding to speak to the manager when dissatisfied with service and often seen as those who enjoy talking down to people or belittling service staff.

It also has connotations with racism and was used regularly in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests, which saw videos being posted of white women reporting Black, Asian and minority ethnic people to the police for no reason.

With the Karen costume being sold online, social media users are accusing the creators of "trying to make racist white women into a quirky character".

Another person added: "Absolutely nothing funny about a whole species of people that put Black people in danger of losing their lives with a simple phone call."

While a third tweeted: "I feel the same way about the whole “Karen” thing in general. it originally was made to point out when white people/women are racist/prejudice to black people and call the police on them for no reason."

Meanwhile, last month we told you how Karens across the country want a 'humiliating' new range of gifts and cards to be removed from the shelves.

Karens want ‘humiliating’ gift sets pulled from shelves (

Karens are upset with a range of Karen-themed items - such as a pens, badges, cards and a mug that reads ‘shut the f*** up Karen’ - which they say subjects them to ridicule.

Karen Lewis, 45, from Leeds said: “Being labelled in this way I find annoying as I don't think I'm such a Karen really.

"In my opinion, saying that all Karens fit the stereotype is a form of public humiliation and this range of products, although it’s meant to be funny, supports this.

"It can be quite offensive in everyday situations, such as when people think it’s okay to call out your name for no reason other than they find it amusing.

"If anything, the whole Karen movement has actually made me more self-conscious if I do complain about anything now, so I’m far less inclined to do it!”

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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