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A Buck Moon Is Taking Place Tonight - And It's Making Us *Very* Irritable

A Buck Moon Is Taking Place Tonight - And It's Making Us *Very* Irritable

July's full moon will be visible in our skies this weekend.

This weekend will be a extra special for astronomy enthusiasts. A stunning buck moon will be visible in our skies this weekend and it’s a must-see event.

The buck moon is the seventh full moon of the year and is also referred to as the thunder moon or hay moon. But be warned - it can also prompt feelings of 'irritability', according to experts.

Jamie Partridge, of, notes: “An aspect pattern linked to the July 2021 full moon creates a lot of activity and makes you want to achieve something and reach your goals.

“But it also creates irritability and inner tension that can make it very difficult to relax.

It has been said throughout history that a full moon can impact our mood (

Full moons appear in our skies once a month, roughly every 29.5 days, on different dates at the halfway point in the lunar cycle.

The moon visible on Friday 23rd July and will be at its peak brightness at 3.36am BST .

According to NASA, the Maine Farmer’s Almanac, which published the names Native Americans gave to full moons in the 1930s revealed the Algonqin tribes that lived in what is now the north-eastern States first called July’s full moon the buck moon.

The inspiration behind the name is said to come from the antlers of buck deer start to grow out of their foreheads.

The buck moon gets its name from deer (

The buck moon has different meanings across the world, the July full moon appears in the month Av in the Hebrew calendar corresponding with a modern holiday celebrated in Israel called Tu B’Av that is similar to Valentine’s Day.

Throughout history, folklore has claimed that the moon can influence our sleep cycles and moods and astrologers also keep a keen eye on full moons and how they impact our moods. To find out all the deets, Tyla spoke to astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide about the impact the moon will have on key aspects of our lives.

“Emotions regarding working and personal relationships will become heightened, as we are all charged up from the lunar energy, which reflects our sentiments.”

Experts have said our energy and mood could be affected by the buck moon (

She added: “There will be changes in sleep patterns from the Full Moon. Some may have heightened exhaustion and others will be super-charged energetically. Since the moon controls the tides of the ocean, and we are made of 60 per cent water, we can expect that our energy levels will be affected. 

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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