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Women Are Sharing The Best Hacks For Boob Sweat

Women Are Sharing The Best Hacks For Boob Sweat

From powders to odd socks, women are sharing their hacks to treat boob sweat as the country enjoys a heatwave.

As the UK embraces the scorching hot weather this week, women have taken to social media to share their top tips for treating boob sweat.

Posting in Facebook's Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page, one woman posted: "Okay ladies I need help! Best thing for boob sweat???"

Luckily there were dozens of useful answers with lots of unusual hacks and advice.

"Stick a panty liner in your bra in both cups. That's what I do and it works," one woman suggested in the comments section.

Sanitary pads are a popular choice (

After someone responded asking which way to attach them, another woman said "sticky side to the bra, absorbent side to the boobzicle."

Similarly, another woman suggested panty liners along the bottom of the bra. "Absolute Godsend when wearing ppe in the heat!" she added.

Toilet paper is perhaps one to avoid (

A second commenter shared their hack involves using odd socks from around the house. She admitted to being surprised at how wet the socks are after they were repurposed as boob sweat pads.

"Personally, I've always used odd socks that we all have lying around from time to time.

Works an absolute treat... the bra line holds it in place, truly it does!!!

"Then I change it every 4 or so hours depending on how hot it is etc.

"You'll be surprised how hot and wet the sock will be to touch, yet there's not an ounce of sweat or soreness under the boob."

Breastfeeding pads 'work wonders' for dealing with boob sweat (

Another woman recommended breastfeeding pads, even if you're not expecting. She added: "They work wonders, I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding and they are amazing haha."

And a fifth woman put forward muslin as a handy option.

Another Facebook user suggested Asda's little angels liquid talc. The product is part of the babies range and is usually used to absorb moisture and to keep skin comfortable and dry, particularly for little ones wearing nappies. It also helps to prevent chaffing and costs only £1.25.

One woman recommended an old pair of socks (

However, one hack to avoid is toilet paper because it might leave you and the floor covered in small remnants.

A woman in the comments wrote: "I was at work the other day and put toilet paper in my bra... I wouldn't recommend that! It turned into thousands of little bits and I left a trail like Hansel and Gretel wherever I went."

It's always a school day on Facebook!

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