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We’ve Been Putting On Plasters All Wrong

We’ve Been Putting On Plasters All Wrong

Our minds are blown.

What’s the most annoying injury you can get? A paper cut, right on your finger.

Apart from the bleeding and the often smarting pain you can get by slicing the tip of your finger open, paper cuts are often really annoying to treat with plasters, as small surface can lead to the plaster easily falling off.

Well…apparently, we’ve been applying plasters all wrong – and our minds are blown at just how wrong we’ve got it.

Watch the video below.

In a TikTok video posted by @lifehacksa, they show a short, handy guide in how to make a plaster adequately fit your finger.

Before applying the bandage, it is recommended you use scissors to cut a slice at both ends of the plaster, before removing the protective plastic backing.

Instead of just wrapping the plaster around your finger, fold down the newly cut flaps in a criss-cross fashion.

This ensures the bandage stays on your finger tightly, keeps your cut covered and helps your graze heal.

Cutting the plasters at the end helps keep the band-aid in position (
TikTok - lifehacksa)

This will be very useful to have, particularly after unwrapping all our presents and getting a few cuts…

TikTok has proven itself a more vital educational tool than all our years of schooling, with the video sharing app also showing us the correct way to complete our skincare routines. 

According to a TikTok from qualified skincare consultant and facial practitioner Mattie Lacey-Davidson (@mattie.skincare) you probably aren't washing your face for long enough each day. 

You then fold the plaster over the injury (
TikTok - lifehacksa)

The TikTok influencer insisted that you should be washing your face for at least 60 seconds before you rinse in order to let your cleansers work their magic.

While it's definitely a step we've been missing in our skincare routine, we can't argue with Mattie's logic.

She told her followers: "Think about it. It's a wash-off product so it needs time on the skin to work. I always do it for 60 seconds. If I'm double-cleansing, that's 60 seconds each."

You can read more about it here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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