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 Woman Creates Incredible Corner Sofa For Her Garden Using Just Old Pallets

Woman Creates Incredible Corner Sofa For Her Garden Using Just Old Pallets

The final result is seriously impressive.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

A thrifty woman has created an incredible corner sofa for her garden made of six old pallets and a few nails.

DIY-savvy Lorraine Lead and her fiancé, Jayde, originally set out to buy some outdoor furniture to spruce up their garden - but then did a U-turn and decided to build their own.

Painted in a shade of Iris Blue and adorned with fairy lights, the final seating area creates a striking garden feature and is seriously spacious.

"I had a vision of a nice seating area to go with a hot tub I'm waiting to receive," Lorraine told Tyla. "But Jayde convinced me to make our own."

The final sofa is a striking blue garden feature and seriously spacious (
Lorraine Lead)

The pair set about finding the right materials, most of which they already owned or were cost-free.

"We found a few other pallets locally on free sites on Facebook," said Lorraine. "We used six in total."

All that was needed to assemble the pallets was Lorraine's "trusty pink hammer" which she'd owned for years plus "few pound shop tools".

The pair also made a trip to B&Q, where they spent £30 on nails and paint.

In total, the pallet sofa took 10 hours to create. Lorraine insists "there was no plan or method - just that it fitted and looked good".

The couple are thrilled with the finished look.

Anyone else feeling seriously inspired to go and pick up some old pallets right now? (

"We nailed it. We're happy it's complete," a happy Lorraine told Tyla.

The final feature is jazzed up with lights that Lorraine already had from the Pound Shop.

Posting her project to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the crafty creator wrote: "Pallet corner sofa. Not bad for a second hand made project.

"Built with 6 pallets few nails and a girls best friend a pink hammer."

Flooded with compliments and questions about whether the sofa was difficult to achieve, Lorraine responded: "Not at all ... two amateur girls. Both have never made anything out of anything before.

"Kinda made it like a jigsaw if it fitted we nailed it."

What an impressive final result. Anyone else feeling the urge to go off in search of some old pallets RN?

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Featured Image Credit: Credit: Pxfuel / Lorraine Lead

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