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Woman Keeps Her Christmas Fairy Lights Tangle-Free By Using An Old Pringles Tube

Woman Keeps Her Christmas Fairy Lights Tangle-Free By Using An Old Pringles Tube

The woman discovered the trick after spending 83 hours detangling her lights.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Detangling Christmas fairy lights is our least favourite festive job and it looks like we're not alone after one woman revealed she spent a record '83 hours' wrestling with hers over the Christmas period.

But enough was enough and after finally managing to detangle the lights, she came up with a clever trick using just a Pringles tube.

The woman shared the tip on a Facebook group (

Taking to a bargains group on Facebook to share her tip, she explained how she decided to wrap her lights around an empty Pringles tube to keep them tangle-free.

Speaking to Tyla, the woman - who did not want to be named - said: "I only came up with it while I was taking the lights down.

"I was looking around the room for something to wrap the lights around, and the Pringles tube was lying there. I thought it was a good idea so shared it.

"The response has been crazy, my phone hasn't stopped pinging. Lots of people said they do the same or similar ideas, I wish I'd found out years ago."

The clever idea was posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group where the woman also shared an image.

In the photograph, the lights can be seen wrapped around the cylinder tube and other members of the group were adamant they'd be trying it, too.

Alongside the image, she wrote: "Discovered a bargain way to keep your lights untangled. I taped the lid on an empty tube of Pringles. Taped the end of the lights to one end. Wrapped the lights around as I took the lights off the tree. Taped the other end on. Works perfectly."

Taking down the Christmas decorations is our least favourite festive job (

Fellow members of the group said they used other items, including coat hangers, pieces of cardboard and a lemonade bottle.

It looks like we might need to eat a couple of tubes of Pringles before we take down our Christmas decorations this weekend...

Featured Image Credit: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

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