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People Are Turning Tents Into Offices To WFH During Lockdown

People Are Turning Tents Into Offices To WFH During Lockdown

Excuse us while we (literally) zip into the boardroom

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

In lockdown we're all having to think a bit more imaginatively about how we use our homes - and gardens, if we're lucky enough to have them.

Suddenly, our houses aren't just the places we return to at the end of a long day, but makeshift work spaces, gym studios and more.

In a crafty bid to seek out a separate work space, some people are thinking outside the box and turning tents into offices.

Some are rigged up inside, others outside, and they range from adult-sized to dinky tents where little ones can play at workin' 9-to-5.

It's a great way of drawing a line between work space and living space - plus, with last weekend's warm weather set to continue, there's no immediate worry of tech equipment getting rained on.

Nicola Hunt, an accountant from Gloucestershire, saw an opportunity to turn her family tent into an office studio. (
Nicola Hunt / Facebook)

Nicola Hunt, an accountant from Gloucester, saw an opportunity to turn her family tent into an office studio.

The 38-year-old told Tyla: "I was finding the home/work mix difficult, with my husband and I both working office jobs from home and 2 children trying to do some school work I needed more space.

"I love festivals and camping and have a few tents so a couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend creating a tent office in the garden!"

Nicola used her biggest 6 berth tent and took the bedroom compartments out to create lots of space, and bought a 20m Ethernet cable so that WiFi wouldn't be an issue.

"It isn't perfect," said Nicola. "I have the faff of setting everything up every morning and putting all of the electrics back in the house in the evening, for security of the equipment...

"But, it's brilliant and the pros far outweigh that.

"As silly as it may sound, I have a bit of separation between work and home life now. I no longer need to shout "I have a call kids, can you keep the noise down please", I can video call with no background distraction and I hear the birds tweeting every day."

Twitter user Molly Quell also turned her tent into a work sanctuary.

"Rocking the office tent!" she tweeted, sharing a picture of her den-like office set-up complete with laptop and books.

Meanwhile, parents are getting creative and setting tents up indoors to create play spaces for kids - which in some cases may end up doubling as (rather cramped) home offices.

"My 3-year-old says I can use her tent as a place to work so 'welcome to my new office," jokes creative mum Jennifer Ferreira, as she tweeted a snap of her daughters tiny castle-themed tent.

Twitter user Emma Beaver Batte had a similar experience.

Sharing a series of adorable pictures of her daughter playing in a tent kitted out with toys and a patchwork quilt, Emma commented: 'Toddler wants a cave? Toddler gets a tent. Mom and dad did not foresee this would also be an office space. WFH motto "whatever works"'.

Pitch perfect, people.

Featured Image Credit: Nicola Hunt / Facebook

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