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People Are Horrified After Seeing Their Partners In 'Work Mode' For The First Time

People Are Horrified After Seeing Their Partners In 'Work Mode' For The First Time

With the world in lockdown and working from home, people are getting a rare glimpse at their partners in work mode - and for some, it's not a pretty sight.

Yep, from workplace jargon (think: "reach out" or "ping over") to ridiculous phone voices, this whole quarantine business is giving us humans an insight into our loved ones' 'work personalities'.

No one expressed this better than journalist Laura Norkin when she tweeted: "A funny thing about quarantining is hearing your partner in full work mode for the first time. Like, I'm married to a "let's circle back" guy - who knew?"


Laura's words clearly resonated and her comment quickly went viral - at the time of writing, it's received a whopping 665.5K likes.

The thread that followed is a goldmine of hilarious observations about working from home with your other half.

Kerri Christian (@KerriChristian) chimed in with a similar comment on her spouse's style of home working, saying: "My husband teaches online and when he records his lectures, I can't listen. He swoons and makes dad jokes. So cringy."


"I'm married to 'just to clarify,'" despaired another.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ganey (@Sarah229) joked that her phone voice might put her three-decade marriage at risk.

She commented: "My husband is hearing my work phone voice for the first time and I. AM. HORRIFIED. Might be the first time in nearly 30 years of marriage that I've been a little worried."


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Industry jargon and email small talk (you know the drill: "happy hump-day!" and "are you across this?") proved to be a big no-no for many partners.

People Are Turning Tents Into Offices To WFH During Lockdown

People Are Turning Tents Into Offices To WFH During Lockdown

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Victoria Barbieri wrote: "My husband has learned I am the "let's make sure that this is brand-aligned" person and is mildly horrified."

For some partners, seeing their loved ones in work mode was a transformation for the better. Suddenly, they were a whole lot more diplomatic.


"My husband is pleasant and PATIENT on the phone," wrote a surprised Twitter user. "It's like invasion of the body snatchers. I know him as the guy who can't sit still at red lights and won't buy more than three groceries at a time. WTF? Why can't I have the patient guy?'

Others wondered how their jargon-loving colleagues were managing at home.


@SarahKayleon commented: "I was once in a meeting with a corporate bro who said 'let me take a moment to curate the space' (he meant supply context for the meeting) and now I'm wondering if his spouse has already decided on divorce or giving it a few more days."

We're living for these Jeckyll and Hyde personalities for work and home.

Let's circle back when we're done laughing, ok?

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