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You Can Now Get Louis Theroux Prayer Candles And They're Heavenly AF

You Can Now Get Louis Theroux Prayer Candles And They're Heavenly AF

There are Paul Mescal and 'Tiger King' editions too.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

He presents. He podcasts. He pens rap lyrics like "ridin' in my Fiat, You really have to see it."

And now, Louis Theroux, the bespectacled, awkward-hot journalist and documentarian we all know and love, comes in prayer candle form.

Yes, thanks to celebrity and custom prayer candle brand My Sainted Aunt, you can create your very own shrine to the fan-favourite Weird Weekends presenter, and say a little prayer to the broadcasting gods.

The unscented Saint Louis candle costs £16 and ships worldwide (
My Sainted Aunt)

Costing £16, the unscented candle depicts Louis in saintly white, red and gold robes, adorned with gold detail.

The product description pays tribute to the beloved documentarian, describing him as: "Guileless, yet totally bloody incisive, which made us literally glued to every single Weird Weekend and subsequent documentary he's done."

Amen to that.

What's more, the Louis prayer candle is British-made, ships to anywhere in the world, and custom options are available too.

For a customised alternative, a £14 design fee is added - so, £30 in total.

How about a heavenly Paul Mescal clutching a lamb, a robed Gervais, or Joe Exotic with a tiger cub in tow? (
My Sainted Aunt)

For the extra cost, you can email the team at My Sainted Aunt any picture of your choosing.

Designers will then custom-create your very own bespoke saintly celebrity image and send it to you for approval, before applying it to a prayer candle and popping it in the post.

There are loads more saint options to choose from. How about a heavenly doe-eyed Paul Mescal, clutching a lamb?

Or a waxy take on the "mulleted, gun-toting polygamist, country-western singing" phenomenon that is Tiger King star Joe Exotic, complete with a tiger cub in his arms?

My Sainted Aunt's range isn't limited to male saints, of course.

You can also snap up saintly versions of Cardi B, Adele, and 'Fleabag' star Phoebe Waller Bridge (
My Sainted Aunt)

You can snap up a Cardi B prayer candle ("eeeeeowww!") or, if you carry a flame for Fleabag frontwoman Phoebe Waller Bridge, you can now light one too.

A thoughtful, wallet-friendly gift idea that is going straight on our birthdays wish lists.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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