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How To Get Your Home Sparkling In Time For Christmas According To Mrs Hinch

Aneira Davies

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How To Get Your Home Sparkling In Time For Christmas According To Mrs Hinch

Featured Image Credit: ITV

She's the cleaning queen who has taken Instagram by storm, offering her tips and tricks on how to get your home sparkling.

Now, Zoflora enthusiast Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is here to help you out in time for the festive season.

Just in time for Christmas and your family and friends arriving, Sophie has some handy tips on how to get your home fresh and fabulous for the big day....


1. Get rid of unwanted grease stains

In order get your hob Christmas dinner-ready, Mrs Hinch suggests using a scouring pad and cleaning paste to give it a good wipe down.

Sophie suggests giving your hob a clean with some Pink Stuff paste and a scourer (Credit: ITV)
Sophie suggests giving your hob a clean with some Pink Stuff paste and a scourer (Credit: ITV)

Sophie's top tip for achieving a gleaming hob is to use a "generous amount" of cleaning paste on the scourer side of a cleaning pad.


The scourer, combined with the grittiness of the paste will help shift even the most stubborn grease stains.

Sophie's choice of cleaning paste is The Pink Stuff Paste, which she uses with her 'Minky' M Cloth anti-bacterial cleaning pad.

She told This Morning: "It's one of my faves and it's a miracle cleaning product."

2. Keep your tree looking fresh year to year


Mrs Hinch's top trick for keeping her Christmas tree looking fresh from year to year also requires a little hack.

In a recent Instagram post, Sophie said that her Christmas tree was the same one she used last year with the baubles also recycled.

In the accompanying Instagram story, the cleanfluencer revealed that she uses a simple trick to hide unwanted bauble strings hanging out of the tree - by spraying canned snow on the strings.


She said: "These little parts where you can see where the baubles are attached, I just put a bit of snow over it."

3. Prepare your beds for guests

Bicarbonate of soda can clear a range of mattresses (Credit: ITV)
Bicarbonate of soda can clear a range of mattresses (Credit: ITV)

If your beds are looking a little worse for wear, and you've got guests coming to stay, Sophie suggests cleaning the mattress with some bicarbonate of soda.


Sprinkle the bicarb onto any stained areas of your mattress, before rubbing it in with a latex glove.

Leave the bicarb to do its work for about an hour, then hoover up the remainder of the powder, and your mattress should be as good as new!

4. Give your sink a deep clean

Mrs Hinch cannot resist giving her sink a deep clean before she goes to bed each night.

In order to keep it looking sparkling and fresh for the next morning, the influencer first uses soda crystals to clear any debris from the plughole, before pouring Zoflora down the sink to give it a good rinse.

After doing this, she pours boiling water over the mixture to clear it.

An easy hack that we can all get on board with!

5. Clean your front door with fabric conditioner

Mrs Hinch's Christmas wreath (Credit: Instagram)
Mrs Hinch's Christmas wreath (Credit: Instagram)

Before hanging her festive wreath on the front door, the new mum first makes sure it's gleaming and reveals her top tip for cleaning doors without removing the paint.

Sophie's top tip to clean grime off doors is to use a combination of fabric conditioner and water which isn't too harsh on the paintwork.

This creates an inviting atmosphere for Christmas visitors.

6. Give your oven a pre-Christmas clean

If you're cooking for many this Christmas Day, it's probably worth investing in some time to give your oven a clean too.

Sophie suggests taking out the racks in your oven and soaking them in washing up liquid and warm water, before wiping them down with Cif for extra shine.

Next, the influencer uses her favourite Pink Stuff paste and 'Minky' cloth to wipe inside the oven, leaving it for five minutes before rinsing it with water and drying it with some kitchen roll.

Finally, she cleans the glass with white wine vinegar spray before putting everything back into place.

And, voila, your oven is ready to roast your turkey!

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Aneira Davies
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