People Are Turning Glass Tables Into Succulent Gardens


People Are Turning Glass Tables Into Succulent Gardens

From terrariums to micro cacti, we can't get enough of succulents - and now there's a new way to bring the millennial's plant of choice into your home.

Please take a moment to drink in the lush green beauty of... succulent tables.


Crammed with stunning arrays of dinky succulents in green, yellow and purply hues, these indoor gardens will (literally) breathe life into an old coffee table, creating a striking home feature.

Topped with glass, they're like a mini green house for your favourite plants.

This spring we've spotted the trend circulating on Instagram and Pinterest, as people bring the outside in during lockdown.


Some green-fingered retailers, like Cali-based Blooming Tables, specialise in spectacular ready-made succulent tables and console gardens that will provide plenty of visual inspo.

But with a bit of know-how, you can easily craft one of your own, and freshen up your home space while you're at it.


Along with your table of choice, you will need:

  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Soil
  • Pebbles
  • Gravel
  • Select succulents
  • Plastic plant liners
  • Plywood (if you need to make a planting tray)
  • Tempered glass (if your table isn't already glass-topped)
  • A drill


1. The DIY process will vary depending on the kind of coffee table you want to work with.

2. We've seen succulent tables built from glass-topped rattan tables, sleek mid-century modern designs, and even old garden crates assembled for a rustic finish.


3. If your table already has a convenient receptacle for your plants, you will need to drill 2-3 holes in the base and line with plastic plant liners, which you can buy from your gardening centre.

4. Next, layer the compartment with gravel, horticultural charcoal and soil.

5. Create little wells in the soil and plant your succulents, they're hardy plants and should take root and establish themselves quickly.

6. Finish the look with assorted pebbles and a touch more gravel.

7. Either top and affix your tempered glass (this can be made-to-measure and ordered online) or reassemble your glass table top.

8. In the event that you need to custom-make a wooden planter box to fit the dimensions of your table, DIY expert Martha Stewart suggests using half inch plywood and locking the planter inside the table's frame with brackets, before re-laying the glass surface over the table. More work, sure, but potentially more satisfying.

Remember that succulents only need to be watered very minimally and thrive in dry areas - most do well in full sun.

Happy planting!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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Mary-Jane Wiltsher

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