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​Woman Creates Incredible Kitchen Splashback Using Just Pennies

​Woman Creates Incredible Kitchen Splashback Using Just Pennies

This looks seriously incredible.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

We know creativity should know no bounds, but one woman has really thought outside of the box, creating a kitchen splashback made up entirely of pennies.

Yes, that's right, Keira Smith from Grimsby, never had a splashback behind her cooker, because she could never quite find the right one. So, instead she made her own.

The idea stemmed from the love of the colour rose gold and when her husband bought her a black and rose gold slow cooker that looked more of a copper colour when heated, she decided she wanted the walls to match.

And what's more copper than, well, coppers?

Keira, 45, always saves up loose change, but never does much with it so it started to get on her nerves, so she thought, why not use them to design her kitchen splashback? It's inspired.

Whilst her husband Stuart, 46, was dubious at first, she trialled the idea before committing to show him how it would look.

The before and after shots (
Keira Smith/Facebook)

She told Tyla: "I stuck a few coins on the wall with Blu tack at first just to see what it looked like".

Apparently, her hubby was soon won round.

She added: "Then I popped to my local shop and bought some superglue and started from there."

In total, the pair used £32 worth of pennies, six tubes of superglue and her husband used black grout to fill in the gaps between the circles.

To stop it tarnishing, the pair used a spray lacquer over the top, which cost them £5.50 from Wilko and they needed three tins.

The copper look made for an effective finish to the kitchen (
Keira Smith/Facebook)

And although the couple didn't do it to save money, the wall ended up costing them just £48.50 so it was a bargain way of brightening up their kitchen.

Because of how cheap it was, Keira decided to post her handiwork to Facebook in the DIY on a budget group.

She said: "I shared it to the group to show you don't need loads of money for things to look nice".

Whether it will tarnish or not, only time will tell, but you've got to admit it looks pretty epic.

Featured Image Credit: Keira Smith/Facebook

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