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Everyone's Making Easter Trees This Year

Everyone's Making Easter Trees This Year

Christmas trees are so last year.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

The last 12 months have been incredibly difficult for everybody, with lockdowns and social distancing seeing many of us separated from our loved ones.

But in order to keep spirits up as lockdown measures start to very slowly get peeled back, many people are treating the upcoming Easter bank holiday weekend with the same enthusiasm as they would Christmas - even putting up a tree for the four day break.

Easter is just round the corner (

Yep, people are genuinely choosing to turn their fir Christmas trees into Easter showstoppers with bunny, egg and chocolate decorations to match.

Of course, how you choose to decorate your Easter tree is down to you - some people, like this effort from Instagram user @jeannaloveschristmas, go all out, with barely any of the tree visible under the numerous egg and rabbit decorations.

This Easter tree is simply eggstraordinary (Credit - Instagram: jeannaloveschristmas)
This Easter tree is simply eggstraordinary (Credit - Instagram: jeannaloveschristmas)

Meanwhile, fellow Instagram user @kcharlesandcompany have also lavishly decorated their tree - we particularly like the carrot decorations for attracting the Easter bunny.

The carrot decorations will likely attract a bunny or two (
Instagram - @kcharlesandcompany)

Others have chosen to keep their Easter trees super simple, such this effort which has seen ribbons, small egg-themed tinsel and feathers to create a fresh, spring-time look.

This is a simple yet effective method of creating an Easter tree (
Instagram - @gomadfitness)

We love these hand-crafted efforts on Instagram user @waitingforstrawberry, with the handmade paper baubles a particularly nice touch.

The hand-decorated ornaments give this Easter tree a personal touch (
Instagram - @waitingforstrawberry)

Or, if you want to put all your focus on the Easter bunny, we'd recommend using a big craft in the centre of your tree, as you can see here.

This Instagram account focused on the Easter bunny for their tree (

If you don't fancy getting your fir tree out for Easter, then there's another way you can make an Easter tree centre stage for your bank holiday weekend.

A centuries-old tradition in Germany which has started to creep over to the UK, people have started to gather branches of trees and bushes, and decorate them with eggs and lights.

You can make a simpler Easter tree (
Instagram - peacocksandflamingos)

To decorate, simply glue or stick string loops to the tops of any relatively light easter eggs or egg decorations you want to hang, and attach to the branches.You could even decorate your own egg shells to give it an extra personal touch.

These Easter trees are traditional in Germany (
Instagram - mariongiseledrake)

Pair with a freshly picked bunch of daffodils and your home will have gorgeous springtime vibes in time for Easter.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - @waitingforstrawberry/@gomadfitness

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