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Dog Owner Creates Incredible House Under The Stairs For Her Pooch

Dog Owner Creates Incredible House Under The Stairs For Her Pooch

The owner of Chow Chow dog, Taco, decorated the space under her stairs and turned it into a bedroom.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A dog owner has spruced up the space under the stairs for her pooch, so he could have a bedroom of his own.

Julia Mooney, 27, wanted somewhere special for her pup to hang out, so she decided to kit out the cubbyhole for her Chow Chow pup, Taco.

Spending just £150, Julia, from Blantyre, Scotland, spent four weeks transforming the cute space for Taco to sleep in, complete with a gate and adorable colour-coordinated decorations and doggy furniture.

Taco now lives a life of luxury in the spot under the stairs, which also includes a rail for his outfits, leashes and toys.

The under-stairs dog bedroom took a month to construct (

In total, she bought paint, photo frames, plaster and other DIY bits and the rest was pure creativity.

Julia said: "When I was building Taco's bedroom, it almost felt like I was preparing a nursery for a baby.

"Even though he's eight-months-old now, we still refer to it as his nursery.

"I reserved a puppy as soon as Taco's mum got pregnant and got the idea to make the dog bedroom in a few months before he was ready to come home.

She removed the plasterboard under the stairs (

"He's a total pampered pooch who has many outfits and leashes and I just wanted to give him his own special little space.

"I hammered through the plasterboard to see what was behind it and it was completely empty so I just went from there. It was the perfect size and a good use of spare space."

Julia moved into her home in 2018 and had never found a use for the spare space under the stairs until she had the DIY brainwave.

The space was completely transformed (

It was only when Taco came along that the project occurred to her.

"You wouldn't have thought that [the space] could have housed all of a dog's things," she went on.

"Even before Taco arrived, all of his puppy pads and toys were neatly tucked away into the bedroom.

"It was so easy to make as well and is the perfect use for the spot under the stairs. "Taco absolutely loves it. It's worked out really well for him.

Julia Mooney has a very lucky pooch (

"I'm so proud of what we built and I'm quite big on interior design so I was so pleased that it could blend into the colour scheme of the house."

On how the space was received, she concluded: "The reaction from other people was amazing - a few people have actually been inspired to make their own for their dog which is so nice."

This is such a great idea - dog lovers, take note.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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