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ASDA Is Launching Huge Rainbow Christmas Trees

ASDA Is Launching Huge Rainbow Christmas Trees

Sure to wow guests - and divide opinion!

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

If you're the kind of person who chooses colourful, extra AF Christmas deccies over the traditional variety, then you need to take a moment for Asda's rainbow fir tree.

Available for a price tag of £50 at George Home, the playful faux Christmas tree is striped all over in eye-popping hues of green, purple, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

It's not small, either. The attention-grabbing fir stands at 5ft tall and will create a talking point in any living room this festive season.

It's so loud and bright that you practically don't need to decorate it - simply stash your pressies underneath and you're good to go.

The Multi Coloured 5FT Rainbow Fir Tree costs £50 (

Or, if you don't like to do things by halves, present it laden with winking baubles and tinsels for a kitsch-as-anything festive centrepiece.

Traditionalist relatives may wish to come bearing a pair of sunnies if they plan on looking at the multicolour fir for prolonged periods.

Whether you want to spruce up a hallway or quiet corner, this showstopper is sure to wow your guests and - let's be honest - divide opinion.

If you like your Christmas trees quirky, we have more recommendations where that one came from.How about John Lewis magical Frosted Festive Fir Unlit Christmas Tree, which looks like it fell straight out of Narnia?

Frosted Festive Fir Unlit Christmas Tree, £79.99 (
John Lewis)

At a towering 6ft tall, this sparkly artificial spruce is a total showstopper and can be bought for a price tag of £79.99.

With silvery branches, a classic conical shape and realistic green tips to hang your very best baubles from, the design comes in three, slot-together sections which are easy to assemble.

Alternatively, you might want to channel your inner Barbie with VEYLIN's 6ft Artificial Pink Tree, available from Amazon for £28.99.

VEYLIN 6ft Christmas Tree 700 Tips Artificial Tree, £28.99 (

Designed in an ultra girly shade of sakura pink, the artificial Christmas tree is a full and bushy shape, and works well teamed with pastel-coloured deccies.

Made from three detachable sections, the tree comes with a durable metal stand.

Featured Image Credit: Asda

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