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Charity Shop Insists 'Used' NSFW Item In Window Display Was A 'Joke'

Charity Shop Insists 'Used' NSFW Item In Window Display Was A 'Joke'

The shop has insisted they don't know who placed the item in the window.

A charity shop has insisted that a 'used' sex toy on display in its shop window was a 'joke'.

Ellie Hardie, 30, was shocked when she noticed a Lovehoney 'G-tickler' on sale for £8.99 at Headway charity shop in Nottingham this weekend.

And the sales assistant couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a sticker on the item - which is usually priced at £19.99 - reading 'used'.

The 'used' toy could be seen in the window (
Deadline News)

“We were heading into town to buy some last minute Christmas presents when the G-Tickler caught my eye in the charity shop window bottom shelf next to a pair of sparkly shoes," said Ellie.

“I couldn't believe this made it to the window and on closer inspection I saw the used sticker and fell into a fit of giggles.

“It’s safe to say this wasn't purchased for one of his last minute gifts. I was shocked and had so many questions. Who in their right mind donates this? Who decided to sell it?

"Who decided it was window worthy? How did they know it was used? And who in their right mind would buy this?"

Ellie's took to Facebook to share her story - and other users were horrified.

Ellie's took to Facebook to share her story - and other users were horrified (
Deadline News)

One user said: “I’m amazed anyone would donate a used sex toy to charity and the charity shop actually trying to sell it.

"That’s beyond disgusting."

Another said: “I'm sure it'll be fine once you've sterilised it in boiling water, washed it with industrial strength bleach and wiped it down with antibacterial spray.”

One member commented: “I'm hoping that whoever put this out for sale on the shelf, mistook it for a regular massager, otherwise that's absolutely rank.”

One surprised social media user added: “I’d love to know who and how it was determined as used.”

Facebook/Deadline News)
Facebook/Deadline News)
Facebook/Deadline News)

A spokeswoman for the charity shop has said that the product was in the window as 'a joke'.

"This product was put in the window as a joke," she explained.

"Our manager removed it upon finding it, although I'm not sure who put it there in the first place.

"Our shop only labels products with printed prices, but this was a handwritten price label.

"It's certainly not something that we'd sell."

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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