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Woman Goes 'Undercover' After Fake Tan Drop Disaster

Woman Goes 'Undercover' After Fake Tan Drop Disaster

We've all been there!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Fake tan drops are great, but we've all had a bit of a disaster when it comes to applying them - whether it's an orange hand or a huge streak.

But one woman on TikTok has had an absolute 'mare with hers, so much so that she's considering going 'undercover' until it wears off.

You can watch the clip below:

The TikTok user, @lilahveronica, started the video by explaining: "Just a warning to any of my friends, if you don't see me for a while it's because I'm undercover.

"I had a little accident and I tried fake tan drops for the first time last night and they're meant to give you a soft, subtle glow and I woke up like this.


The woman turns the camera to reveal her very orange face and neck - and users were so shocked. Many asked if she had mixed the drops with a moisturiser - which the woman confirmed she had done.

The woman had a fake tan drop disaster (

Others offered advice about how to remove the streaky tan, with one suggesting lemon juice while another said baby oil and an exfoliator and one suggested adding some sugar and lemon.

Meanwhile some admitted they had had the same experience, with one admitting she had suffered similar, but on her hands.

One wrote: "The exact same thing happened to me, it didn't come off for ages."

While another said: "This happened to me! Not as bad but I literally used two drops and I was soo dark. Such false advertising!"

And a third added: "I have done the same, looked like an Oompa Loompa."

"When mine went bad it was even worse than this, didn't come off for days," wrote a fourth TikToker.

The woman explained she tried them for the first time (


Note to self - always be extra careful when applying fake tan drops!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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