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Palm Oil-Free Beauty And Household Products To Buy Now

Palm Oil-Free Beauty And Household Products To Buy Now

Here's your guide to palm oil-free products available on the high street.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Iceland's powerful Christmas advert got the nation talking. Not because it was ultra adorable and festive, but because it sent a hard to shake reminder of the devastation harvesting palm oil has on wildlife.

While the advert may have been banned from television, it was shared thousands of time across social media. But here at Pretty 52 we felt it was important to give all those who shared the advert some practical tools for how to actually reduce the usage of this damaging product.

Palm oil is used in pretty much all our household and beauty products, but you can still drastically reduce your intake.

It's often labelled as vegetable oil, palm kernel oil, palmitate and Glyceryl Stearate so be wary when reading labels.

Here's our easy guide to the best palm-oil free beauty and household products that are easily available on most high streets.


Places like Lush and The Body Shop are great destinations to start if you are committed to cutting out palm oil and other chemicals (although it's important to note not all the brands' products are completely free of it).

The products below are all palm oil-free (we scoured the labels and called to double check):

The Body Shop/Holland and Barrett


Even our laundry detergents and cleaning products contain palm oil and some of its derivatives.

A number of brands like Ecoleaf and Ecozone are completely palm oil-free:

Guilty pleasures:

Palm oil seeps into some of our favourite snacks, with a number of crisps and chocolate containing it. But even when you cut out palm oil, you aren't limited in your choice:

It's always worth reading up on brands' policies to see whether they use sustainably sourced palm oil before buying their products.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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