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New Trend For Oreo Nails Look Good Enough To Eat

New Trend For Oreo Nails Look Good Enough To Eat

The Oreo nail trend is achieved using real crumbs...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Snack-inspired nails are having a moment.

The trend sees our our favourite confectionary items reimagined on our talons, and the results are so delicious.

So far we've seen Creme Egg nails and Biscoff nails, and now, someone's - *cough* - nailed the Oreo version.

How tempting do they look?!

The much-loved cookie, sandwiched with creme filling, has been reworked as a fancy nail art design that's popping up all over Instagram.

And unlike other designs which see fragments of chocolate, cream and even foil wrapping reimagined on your tips, these include some ACTUAL Oreo.

Nail artist Lily Nguyen (aka @nailsbylilt_xo) gave Tyla a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve the look at home - and all you'll need is a white acrylic powder, clear acrylic powder, and pack of the delicious cookies.

Lily begins by prepping the nail and then begins by using a milky-white coloured acrylic powder called 'Soft Touch' from Valentino Beauty. While this one is only available in the US, there's plenty of other options available, such as this from Glam and Glits on eBay.

"First applying a very thin bead of the acrylic, while it's still wet, I then scattered the bits of Oreo crumbs on the nail," she explains. (FYI, a 'bead' is nail talk for when your acrylic powder attaches to the liquid monomer on your brush.)

"Applying another thin layer of Soft Touch over the Oreo crumbs, it makes it look like the crumbs are swimming in milk."Lily explains the technique, popularised by nail artist @jasgotbars, is called a "milk bath".

"You will continue using the same method, adding Oreo crumbs and acrylic until you are happy with the look," the nail artist explains.

To finish off, you need to apply a layer of clear acrylic powder to encapsulate the entire nail. Et voila, you have Oreo nails!

Once you've got the basics down, there's room to experiment with your designs, like this bunch below have.

From orange-favoured Oreos, to a more literal take on crumbs, and one that's all about that iconic blue packaging...

And if you're more about a Creme Egg over an Oreo - how about Creme Egg nails?

Inspired by the cream-centred Cadbury snack, the manicure fragments of chocolate, cream and even foil wrapping reimagined on your tips.

Award-winning nail artist Ania Kesiak has given Tyla a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the nails at home.

Happy manicuring!

Featured Image Credit: @nailsbylily_xo

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