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Nutella Nails Are Now A Thing And They're Good Enough To Eat

Nutella Nails Are Now A Thing And They're Good Enough To Eat

Show your love for the nutty chocolate spread with a delicious mani.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

In our quest to find the sweetest nails, we've trialled Cadbury's Crème Egg-themed manis and Gummy Bear silicon gems. But now, an even more delicious trend has caught our eye.

Introducing... Nutella nails. Yep, everyone's favourite nutty chocolate spread is the source of inspiration for some of the hottest nail art around right now.

Just check out these images flooding Instagram.

We especially love these bright white nails with droplets of chocolate oozing from the cuticles. Good enough to eat.

And how about these arty manis, where the thumbnails have been transformed into a micro tub of the fan-favourite hazelnut spread, complete with logo and ridged lid?

We need to get out hands on those Nutella doughnuts in the background too!

The Tyla team enlisted the help of Melissa Fichtner (@mels_nailart) a nail art enthusiast who masterminded one of the Nutella looks, to share some advice on how to achieve and maintain this look.

"To achieve this look, as first I prepped my nails using a nail hardener and clear base coat," said Melissa.

"Then I painted by nails with a white polish and applied a top coat once they'd dried fully. To get the brown drips, I used a dotting tool and made little dots where I wanted the drops to end. From there, I connected the dots to my cuticle, creating curvy lines.

"For the little Nutella glass, I painted the brown stripes with a fine brush, along with the little grey lines."

Melissa waited for the full nail art mani to dry before adding the final Nutella logo, which she applied with an ultra-fine brush before "sealing everything with another coat of top coat."

To avoid your hands shaking, Melissa recommends resting both hands on a stable flat surface while you paint.

Just like the nail artists of Instagram, we're nutty (sorry) for this adorable look.

Featured Image Credit: @_hannahweir_ / @mels_nailart

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