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​Lush Launches Koala Shaped Soap To Raise Funds For Australian Wildfire Efforts

​Lush Launches Koala Shaped Soap To Raise Funds For Australian Wildfire Efforts

You can buy yourself a brand new soap from Lush and help Australia whilst doing it.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

As the devastating Australian bushfires rage on, people all over the world have been donating to help the nation.

Now Lush has joined efforts, today launching a new soap - the proceeds of which will help rescue wildlife and restore habitats in the country.

Naturally, the soap is in a koala shape, very appropriate given that the money raised from sales will go directly to a cause Lush itself has set up: the Bush Animal Fund.

It has been estimated that half a billion animals have been directly affected by the fires, with many of those no doubt perishing, but the exact amount of deaths is currently unknown.

What we do know is, it's affected an awful lot of helpless creatures, devastated the land and people's homes.

Peter the koala who has been badly burned in the bushfires is now being treated in a koala hospital (
Facebook/Koala Hospital Port Macquarie)

Which is why Lush has stepped in with its All The Wild Things soap, which will cost buyers £5 - none of which will go into the brand's own pocket.

Instead, its new charitable cause will use the money "to fund eligible grassroots groups working in animal rescue or land restoration to apply for grants to use during the emergency, and for long-term projects focussed on rehabilitation of animals and regeneration of habitat".

The soap itself has the same formula as the brand's best-selling Outback Mate soap, but is a limited edition version that has been re-shaped to fit the cause.

The koala-shaped soap will cost £5 and all proceeds will go to the Bush Animal Fund (

It may look different, but it incorporates the same eucalyptus and lemongrass oils, with a hint of peppermint and a base made of coconut oil.

Just like Outback Mate, it will supposedly clear away the early morning mist and set you up for the day ahead.

So when you drop this into your overflowing Lush basket next time you hit the store, you know you've bagged yourself a refreshing product but also contributed to a worthy cause.

The bushfires have been raging since September last year (

Peta Granger, Director of Lush Australia and New Zealand said: "The world is watching in awe at the indescribable job being done by Australia's impressive emergency services, without whom there would be many more human and animal victims of the devastating bushfires that have ravaged our country since September 2019.

"We recognise that the road to recovering will be long and difficult.

The Bush Animal Fund is a global initiative from which Lush aims to raise much needed funds for grassroots organisations who desperately need community support".

Right now, our friends overseas need our help, so purchase yours here.

Featured Image Credit: Lush

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