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Exclusive: Celebrity Skincare Expert Caroline Hirons Wants You To Stop Using Micellar Water

Exclusive: Celebrity Skincare Expert Caroline Hirons Wants You To Stop Using Micellar Water

Who knew?

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

It's the beauty cupboard staple that many women wouldn't dream of going without.

But celebrity skincare guru Caroline Hirons wants us all to stop using micellar water - and the news has already got us rethinking our entire beauty regime.

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, the beauty expert, who has a devoted celebrity followin, explains that that alcohol and fragrance-heavy products like micellar should not be used as a substitute for a thorough cleansing regime.

Caroline Hirons explains why she wants you to stop using micellar water (
Nicky Johnston)

"Micellar waters were first designed to be used in situations when there's no access to water, think festivals or backstage at fashions shows," says Caroline.

"They were never meant to be a permanent fixture in skincare routines. And they are not cleansers. These waters are ingredient-heavy with some containing alcohol and most containing fragrance.

"You're better off using a good oil cleanser and flannel - it's more gentle, nourishing and quicker all round. Your skin will thank you."

Here, Caroline shares eight beauty myths that she'd like you to ditch in an exclusive extract from her new book, Skincare, which comes out on 25th June.

• Micellar waters. These are fine for removing eye makeup, or your entire face in an emergency with no access to water, but they're not a one-stop shop for daily use and should be washed off. Use them as a first cleanse only.

Micellar water is not a substitute for a proper cleansing regime, says Caroline Hirons (

• Pore obsession. Stop. They are never as big as you think. Pores are not doors - they do not open and close.

• Products sold using scare tactics. Don't buy products out of fear. Certain elements of the skincare industry spend their entire marketing budget telling customers what is NOT in their products, and why they should be scared of certain ingredients, as opposed to what their products WILL do for them. Skincare is safe. There is no reason to buy out of fear.

• Cheap dermarollers. If you insist on doing it yourself at home, buy quality- assured products with short needles, from specialised retailers only. Change it regularly and keep it sterile. Do not buy them online.

• Wipes. They do not 'clean' your face. They are for Emergencies Only - real emergencies. If you have access to clean water, there is no emergency. They're also atrocious for the environment. Remember: wipes are for fannies, flights and festivals only. And NEVER flush.

Caroline Hirons appears as a beauty expert on This Morning (

• Foaming face washes that contain SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulphate/sodium laureth sulfate) or, more specifically, anything that describes itself as giving you 'squeaky clean' skin. No part of your body should squeak. These products are too drying. Full stop. You may want to also consider removing hair products and toothpaste containing SLS from your routine.

• Silly claims and extortionate pricing. Brands that produce 'statement skincare', i.e. products that cost silly money for a 30ml of something with a huge claim attached to it, but no clinical trials to back them up. Nothing costs that much in skincare. Nothing.

At least be honest and tell people they're paying for the packaging and your mark-up. If you can afford it and enjoy it, great. But if you can't, you're not missing out on anything that you can't get somewhere else for a fraction of the price. If you want leather upholstery and a better sound system in your car, you pay extra, but it doesn't make the car go faster.

• Mattifying products. Unless you are a teenager and/or have oily skin, you do not need mattifying products. Healthy skin has a glow.

Caroline has shared other beauty myths she'd like to bust (

Extracted from Skincare by Caroline Hirons out 25th June (HQ, HarperCollins) in paperback, ebook and audiobook

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