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Espresso Martini Hair Is The Delicious New Beauty Trend To Try

Espresso Martini Hair Is The Delicious New Beauty Trend To Try

Dull colour. Outgrown roots. Frazzled ends.

Lockdown has left us with more hair issues than we can shake a split end at, leaving many resorting to at-home colour treatments for a much-needed revamp.

One colourway that's giving us major hair envy is a dark, chocolatey brunette tone. We're talking loads of depth, nuance and hints of coffee colour.


Basically, it's like a caffeine kick for your hair colour - we're calling it 'espresso martini'.

We'll be honest, though. The idea of at-home colouring is a bit, well, scary.


From application to aftercare, there's a whole lot of know-how involved that salon professionals usually take care of.

With that in mind, Tyla enlisted the help of Jodie Searle, Senior Colourist at iconic hairdressers Michael Van Clarke, to talk us through how to achieve this look and the dos and don'ts of at-home colour.

How to achieve the look

"The best way to achieve this colour from home would be to use a semi-permanent colour," says Jodie. "Semis are not as heavily pigmented and give the hair shine and gloss.


"If you can get help from a salon to provide professional products and advice it would make all the difference.

"Michael Van Clarke has launched Zoom colour appointments to give our clients the expert advice needed to achieve the best results possible at home."


When it comes to a warming tone like a dark brunette, it's important to keep in mind your go-to colour palette for items like jewellery and clothes, along with your natural skin tone.

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"A rich dark brunette colour like this comes with warm tones. So, if your normal colour palette is warm e.g. gold jewellery and warm clothing colours, then this would work well," explains Jodie.

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The key to getting lots of depth and nuance, Jodie says, is to colour your natural hair first, and areas with pre-existing colour (such as mid-lengths and ends) second.

The colourist says: "If your hair is already coloured on the ends, you can use a 'refreshing' technique to colour the ends.

"Colour your natural hair first. Then, take the colour though to the old existing colour on the mid-lengths and ends for the last part of the development time - this way you won't get a build-up of colour and you are more likely to get the result you want.

"The most common mistake is to put the colour all over and leave it for the full development - this often ends up with dull, dark ends," Jodie adds.

For all you blondes out there, whether natural or bleached, unfortunately this look isn't one for you to try at home.

"If you are very light blonde, you cannot go to dark brunette in one application," stresses Jodie. "This is something that really needs to be done in the salon as it is a colour transformation, it comes with its own complications."

After care

To keep your newly coloured locks in good condition during lockdown, Jodie recommends weekly conditioning treatments and UV protective shampoos.

"Use a colour protect shampoo with UV filter to protect your new colour," she advises. "On top of that, use a weekly treatment to keep hair at its optimal health."

"I recommend the Lifesaver Prewash Treatment and Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo from the 3"' More Inches hair care range."

Happy home-colouring, all!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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