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Women Are Sharing Their Manicure Fails And They're Pretty Shocking

Women Are Sharing Their Manicure Fails And They're Pretty Shocking

Some of these are outright outrageous.

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

Sometimes, a salon trip doesn't always give you the results you want. But these women have been sharing the times when their manicures have ended up pretty shocking.

It all started when a Twitter user shared a picture of their not-up-to-scratch manicure with the hopes of some solidarity from the rest of the internet.

Women have been sharing their worst manicure fails (

The tweeter shared the photo with the caption: "I just want everyone to be informed that I was charged $75 for this and I'm going to continue to make it everyone's problem until I can get them redone".

Twitter offered their condolences for the nail nightmare.

Someone replied to the tweet: "I am so sorry babe" with a picture of fruit flavoured gum, sadly having a striking resemblance to the salon effort.

Others didn't get why people don't pipe up sooner when they see a manicure isn't going to plan. One user tweeted: "Why do people see the set, let them polish it, PAY, leave.... Then sit there sad and mad. There were so many steps to stop and speak".

The tweet has so far reached over 26k likes and has hundreds of replies, a lot of them including other people who have had manicure fails.

Not even a
Not even a

One person shared their story: "Reminds me of the time I was stuck with these dipped uglys. First time I had any kinda anything on my nails & my MIL paid 75 also + Tip & I didn't want to complain because it was a "girls day" I left em on & sucked it up... now I got all my own gel stuff".

Others were able to have some sort of compensation though. One tweeter said in the thread: "Paid $68 for these. went back the next morning after texting the manager this pic lol".

These manicure feels are pretty shocking to look at, let alone have (

Some people even had their original inspo pic alongside the manicure fails and it made the whole thing even more tragic.

The inspo pic comparison makes it so much more painful (

Another person showed how these smiley face nails gave them more of a frowny face.

"Reminds me of when I asked for this but in green and THIS IS WHAT I ENDED WITH. $80 !!!!!!!!!!", tweeted this dissatisfied customer.

These nails would not give you a smiley face (

Some of those are a bit outrageous actually. Sending well wishes to everyone disappointed in their acrylics at the moment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ccaarrlliinnaaa

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