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People Called Daniel And Isabella Are The Most Likely To Ghost You

People Called Daniel And Isabella Are The Most Likely To Ghost You

Wow, rude.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

It's Halloween-time, so we're preparing to see a few ghosts (in more ways than one).

And if you're in the early stages of dating someone called Daniel or Isabella, we may have some bad news for you.

According to new research by, people named Daniel/Isabella were statistically the most likely to ghost you. Yikes.

Isabella and Daniel are the most likely to ghost you (

For those of you who have never entered the terrifying world of Tinder and the new-fangled dating scene, ghosting is when someone you're seeing suddenly stops messaging you altogether, and effectively disappears from your life without a trace (a bit like a ghost).

It can be quite scary, if you're starting to catch the dreaded feels for someone who turns out to be a dating phantom.

There's more terrifying news in store - the emergency services was the profession most likely to leave you on read, with lawyers and media execs also among the most guilty to give you the blue-tick treatment.

Tinder can be a haunting place (

And things only get worse if you live in London, Belfast and Edinburgh, as they are the ghosting capitals of the UK - with spectral activity at its highest in these capital cities.

But there's one way to exorcise ghosts from haunting your love life - and you don't even have to call the Ghostbusters to do it.

Well, if you're dating someone called Emily or Harry, you may be in luck, with those two names statistically the least likely to abandon a conversation or relationship,

So next time you're swiping through dating apps, be sure to keep an eye open for the Emilys and Harrys of this world.

Harrys and Emilys are thought to be good matches (

In other dating news, Apple may be putting an end to "height-fishers" for good.

The iPhone 12 Pro will reportedly features a LiDAR Scanner which can measure a person's height to such a degree that it can even come up with an accurate reading while the person is sitting down.

Guess we'll finally be finding out whether you're really six foot tall after all...

Top Female Ghosters

1. Isabella

2. Lily

3. Mia

4. Lauren

5. Katie

Top Male Ghosters

1. Daniel

2. Matthew

3. Jack

4. George

5. Thomas

Top Ghosting Professions

1. Emergency Services

2. Lawyers

3. Media/PR/Marketing

4. Finance

5. HR/Recruitment

Top Ghosting Hotspots

1. London

2. Belfast

3. Edinburgh

4. Bristol

5. Glasgow

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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