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Guest Divides Opinion After Ditching Wedding Because Bride Told Her To Switch Outfits

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Guest Divides Opinion After Ditching Wedding Because Bride Told Her To Switch Outfits

A wedding guest has divided opinion after deciding not to go to the special day after the bride reprimanded her for wearing a dress which was "too similar" to the bridesmaids.

The guest was meant to be attending alongside her boyfriend, as it was his brother getting married.

But she was shocked to have been called out by the bride ahead of the big day, because her dress looked too similar to the dress her bridal party were wearing.

In a baffled Facebook post, the girlfriend said her ensemble wasn't even that similar to the outfits in question.


But the uproar her outfit choice had triggered caused her to reconsider attending altogether.

You can read her conundrum below:

The bridesmaid dress (left) and the poster's choice (right) (Credit: Facebook)
The bridesmaid dress (left) and the poster's choice (right) (Credit: Facebook)

"Okay, has anyone ever heard of a bride dictating what their guests wore to a wedding?," she wrote. "Backstory: so my boyfriend’s brother is getting married in October. I picked out a dress recently and I sent it to my boyfriend's sister to see if she liked it (she is in the wedding party and knows a lot more about the wedding than me).


"She then sent me her bridesmaid dress and it was super similar (same style different colour) so then I picked out a different dress that was a completely different colour, fabric, and style.

"I sent my boyfriend's sister a picture of that dress as well and all she said was 'oh cute.' So I was like oh cool she likes it.

"Fast forward to today and I get a text from the bride."

The text supposedly stated that the boyfriend's sister had shared an image of the dress she was supposed to be wearing with the bride, and she had some issues with it.


"My bridesmaids will be the only ones wearing any type of bridesmaids dresses," she said, in the message.

The bride didn't want the guest to have a similar outfit to her bridal party (Credit: Shutterstock)
The bride didn't want the guest to have a similar outfit to her bridal party (Credit: Shutterstock)

"I would have asked you to colour coordinate with the wedding party if [the groom] and I wanted you to.

"We would appreciate if you do not wear a dress from a bridesmaids dress site or one that resembles our colours.


"I hate to be like this, but I figured this would never have came up. 

"I’m not meaning to hurt your feelings or upset but I feel like this is something that needed to be addressed."

Contrary to the bride's beliefs, the dress that the poster had bought wasn't actually from a bridal website, and she had no idea what colours the bridesmaids were wearing when she was scrolling through options.

"She has 10 bridesmaids and they are all wearing a different style dress," said the poster. "I am not close with the bride so I truly don’t talk to much so I didn’t know about the wedding colours or dresses.


"My guess is my bf’s sister showed her the original dress I sent her and not the new one I picked out. So I sent her a text of the new dress I picked out and I assured her that I changed my dress as soon as I saw her bridesmaid dress.

"This was not enough for her as she said the dress I newly picked out was too similar to a bridesmaid dress (even though it is a different colour, style, fabric).

"I decided it was best if I didn’t attend the wedding due to the bride treating me like this and this isn’t my first run in with my boyfriend's family treating me terribly and like an outsider."

She concluded: "Please tell me if I’m the as*h*le for not attending the wedding."

Reacting in the comments, people were split on who was in the wrong.

"Honestly I would suck it up and go if you don’t want to cause issues with his family!" one person wrote.

"I by total chance wore the legit same dress as the bridesmaids at my cousins wedding just in a different colour, it happens!"

While another wrote: "The dresses do look pretty similar to me.

The guest wasn't asked to be a bridesmaid (Credit: Shutterstock)
The guest wasn't asked to be a bridesmaid (Credit: Shutterstock)

"Though I do think she’s being really rude about it, I think many people are probably going to come in a similar style dress.

"But maybe find one with long sleeves, sleeveless, or a short dress just to be safe. I think it’ll cause more problems with your boyfriend’s family if you don’t go."

"I think if a bride wants their guests to dress in a specific manner, they should say so on the invites (or whatever they used). Otherwise too bad. I wouldn’t go either after that behaviour from the bride," someone said, in the poster's defence.

As another agreed: "It’s a wedding…did she expect all women to show up in pantsuits?

"I can see similarities in the dress like with the sleeves and v-neck but I definitely think the dresses are completely different and if she had this much of an issue with what people wear she should’ve put that on the invite.

"I think it’s a really good call not going to the wedding. It’s a sh*tty situation, I’m sorry you have to go through it!"

It looks like the jury is still out on this one!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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