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Gabby Petito Followers Spot Youtuber's 'Hidden Hand Signals For Help' In Bodycam Footage

Gabby Petito Followers Spot Youtuber's 'Hidden Hand Signals For Help' In Bodycam Footage

Followers believe it could have been a signal for help.

Gabby Petito followers who have analysed the Moab Police Department bodycam footage, believe she may have been using a domestic violence hand signal when stopped in August.

On 12th August, Gabby and her partner Brian Laundrie were pulled over by police by the side of a road. In the bodycam clip, the 22-year-old can be seen crying after telling officers her and Laundrie had been arguing. But people following the case believe Gabby used a specific hand signal, to try and indicate she was in danger.

You can see the moment they're talking about here:

It's unknown whether Gabby was using the hand signal, but in the clip, she can be seen holding her hand up, before moving her fingers down.

The 'violence at home signal for help' involves holding one hand up, with the thumb tucked underneath the fingers, before moving the fingers down - almost into a fist - and trapping the thumb underneath the fingers.

In a TikTok video of someone demonstrating the gesture, one person commented: "Gabby did it too, but the cops didn't catch on."

While another said: "This is so scary because it reminds me of Gabby being interviewed by the cops."

Followers say Gabby was using the signal (
Moab Police Department)

Speaking to FOX News, Penelope House Executive Director Toni Ann Torrans said: "Law enforcement has a difficult job determining who is the primary aggressor or the victim acting in self-defense, therefore you will see marks on the perpetrator.

"It's very hard to look at those recordings and know what's going on. It's kind of frantic. So you can probably read into it what you want to read into it as far as what she may or may not have done.

"The bottom line is I think people need to understand there is a lot of domestic violence within our communities and often the domestic violence escalates to a situation where there is a homicide."

Police released the footage from August (
Moab Police Department)

Tyla has reached out to Moab Police Department for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Moab Police Department

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