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Woman Threatens To Divorce Husband Over Wonky Cake-Cutting

Woman Threatens To Divorce Husband Over Wonky Cake-Cutting

We have to agree, this is a deal breaker.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

There are some things which are just irrationally irritating, and wonky cake slices are one of them.

So, we can totally understand why one woman reached breaking point when she was handed an uneven slice of cake from her husband.

We mean, we can barely look at it...

Annabelle Morris joked that she was tempted to threaten divorce after her husband Dave wound her up by separating a lemon cheesecake into bizarre slabs.

The 31-year-old was 'so frustrated' by the stunt that she then posted on social media to see if anyone else was as fuming by her 32-year-old hubby's behaviour.

What is THAT?! (
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Annabelle's Facebook post read: "Think this is grounds for divorce, no? Anyone else have a husband who likes to deliberately wind them up with things like this?"

And there seemed to be one resounding response: ditch Dave and eat his slice of cheesecake too.

One Facebook user said: "Absolute divorce grounds."

Another joked: "I got an eye twitch looking at this. I'd divorce immediately."

A third wrote: "Oh my days.... can't even look at that."

Meanwhile, going one step further, one woman wrote: "I hate to be the one to tell you, but your husband is a psychopath."

Annabelle, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, said: "We had dinner and he said 'do you want some cheesecake?' I walked in and he'd cut the rectangle shape out of it first.

The reaction online was one of horror (

"I was like 'what the hell is this?' He then annoyed me more by chopping the long bit. It just went from there.

"He normally cuts the cake in the normal fashion, but he must have been in the mood to irritate me, I guess. He was quite proud of himself."

On the response she got to the social media post, veterinary nurse Annabelle added: "Loads of people were agreeing [it was grounds for divorce]. My phone went crazy. It's a hot topic.

"He knows that I'm [a perfectionist]. You don't cut a cake that way - you cut it the normal way with a triangle. He was doing it to irritate me, basically."

Despite all her pals telling her to bin her hubby, Annabelle joked that annoying cake cutting was just one of the ways they kept things "fresh".

Annabelle and Dave like to wind each other up (

"We just like to irritate each other every so often," she mused.

Dave is now striving to do other things to try and wind Annabelle up, after seeing the response online.

"If he empties the dishwasher, when he puts the cutlery back in the tray, he'll put the forks with the knives and knives with the spoons," she recalled.

"It's not a massive thing but it's not where they go, so it massively irritates me.

"We've been together 15 years, so we know each other quite well. We know what we can do to wind each other up."

Each to their own, but this would be a deal-breaker for us.

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