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Girl Dresses As Goth For Tinder Date After Guy Said "Look Pretty"

Girl Dresses As Goth For Tinder Date After Guy Said "Look Pretty"

We regret to inform you that men are at it again.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Gosh, there's some real charmers on the internet, aren't there? From this one man who told his girlfriend she 'didn't value herself' for wearing bikini bottoms, to this other lovely fellow who told his Bumble date to 'hit the gym' there's seemingly no shortage of men who are eager to police women's bodies.

But now, one woman has shown the ultimate clapback for one man who requested she "looked pretty" on their upcoming date.

Watch the video here.

Posting to TikTok, user @MeganElizabeth1016 revealed that a guy she had matched with on Tinder had asked to take her date at American coffee chain Panera, but had a very particular (and sexist) request.

"When a guy I matched with on Tinder asks me out on a date to Panera but randomly messages me beforehand saying: 'Please look pretty and don't show up looking like a goth witch or something. I don't like that,'" she explained while doing her make-up.

Showing she's chosen to rock heavy black make-up for her night, Megan continues: "Uhh? What a strange thing to say... but what do you expect from Tinder, right?

This woman decided to dress up the opposite of what her want (
TikTok - MeganElizabeth1610)

"So I decided to get ready and do the exact opposite of what he requested. Because I do what I want..."

Showing off her 'goth' look, including black lipstick, lashings of eyeliner and eyeshadow, Elizabeth picked a black t-shirt and explained: "I'm on my way to meet him now.

"Good thing I don't give a f*** if he thinks I'm pretty. I'll buy my own Asiago cheese bagel and listen to Slipknot in a booth by myself."

Naturally, the whole video featured Olivia Rodrigo as a backing track.

Women loved Olivia's hilarious DGAF attitude, with many flocking to the comments praising her for her attitude.

"First of all, you're gorgeous!" one woman wrote. "Second, tell him you've only for an hour because the circle is meeting tonight."

Megan had to improvise with her make-up (
TikTok - MeganElizabeth1016)

"If you have to text someone 'look pretty' for any occasion, you're the problem," another rightly said.

"Look pretty? On a date to Panera?" a third laughed. "Sir I will roll out of bed and go, take it or leave it."

"LMAO the audacity," a fourth added.

Megan then updated her followers on what happened, with her date texting her: "All girls are the same.

"I asked for one thing...for you to look pretty and not dress like that. I'm not coming in and being out in public with you dressed like that, so embarrassing."

We think Megan pulled off this goth look (
TikTok - MeganElizabeth1016)

He then chose to ghost her.

But it seems she had a much better time without him, drinking a coke and eating a bagel on her own.

We're definitely going to try this next time someone tells us to look pretty.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok: MeganElizabeth1016

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