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Mum Finds Sugar Puffs Cereal 'Honey Monster' Mascot In Baby Scan

Mum Finds Sugar Puffs Cereal 'Honey Monster' Mascot In Baby Scan

Kids are called little monsters for a reason, after all!

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

A pregnant woman was left gobsmacked when her routine scan showed a very unexpected (but very familiar) face.

Hannah Hodgson, 36, proudly posted her baby scan on Facebook, wanting her friends and family to catch their first glimpse at her little one.

However, she was left both stunned and amused when baffled pals pointed out what looks like a grinning face floating above son Ollie's mouth, triggering hilarious comparisons with the Honey Monster.

Hannah was left stunned at the reaction to her scan photo (
Kennedy News Media)

Yep, the very same Honey Monster that serves as the mascot for Sugar Puffs cereal.

And we've got to admit - the likeness is uncanny.

The snap has since gone viral on social media, with over 10,000 reactions and 4000 comments on Facebook.

Hannah has since revealed her and husband Adam Hodgson, 35, 'can't unsee the Honey Monster inside her womb' and she's even joked it could be a message from her unborn kid to buy the sweet cereal and increase her sugar intake.

Pals pointed out the unusual face in the scan photo (
Kennedy News Media)

Speaking from her home in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Hannah explained: "Everyone's had their own view of what it looks like and I was creasing every time I saw one. We've had the Freddo frog, a ninja turtle, Kermit and loads more.

"I just put a normal update on there and people started commenting about the face. I hadn't even noticed.

"I was looking at the baby on the screen, but not the rest of the scan. I'm so relieved his heart is still beating and he's big enough at the moment, so that's all I was focusing on."

The Honey Monster face is actually a cross section of Hannah's umbilical cord, which baby Ollie is cuddling close.

Cancer forced Hannah to have one lung removed when she was 18 and she's faced three miscarriages in the past three years, so Ollie's good health led her to dub him a 'miracle baby' even before the well-timed growth scan image went viral.

The grinning face looked awfully familiar to some (
Facebook/Kennedy News Media)

Now seven months pregnant, Hannah is glad that her scan photo raised a smile.

"There's been loads of people laughing, and it's nice because you just want to make people laugh and make their day," she said.

Hannah is stepmother to three children alongside husband Adam (
Kennedy News Media)

"All kids want to do is go viral nowadays too, so it's going to be funny to tell him he went viral before he was even born."

Hannah cares for her three stepchildren Harley Hodgson, 12, William Hodgson, 10, and Scarlett Hodgson, nine, while also running a 'superhero for hire' business called Hero Hire with Adam.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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