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People Are Wearing Their Fanciest Clothes To Do Mundane Jobs

People Are Wearing Their Fanciest Clothes To Do Mundane Jobs

Ballgown to do the bins? We're into it.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

We've got to get our kicks where we can during lockdown - and with that in mind, people are wearing their fanciest garms to do the most mundane tasks.

Think ballgowns to do the bins and cocktail dresses for hoovering. Work it, people.

The hilarious videos and images have been shared by the Facebook group Put Your Bins Out in Your Ballgown, which invites users to upload footage of themselves doing domestic chores in their finest attire.

Entries have flooded in from around the world. Turns out, people love to put their glad rags on to their spirits during lock-down. Who can blame them?

One stylish lady hung her laundry out to dry in her wedding dress, while another entrant cut the grass in a tuxedo.

One woman wore a Medieval-style gown to hang out her laundry (

The group was set up by charity director Angie Emrys-Jones, 43, who came up with the clever idea after she was nominated for a national award.

When Angie's black-tie award ceremony was cancelled due to the pandemic, she was left all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Angie - who lives in Truro, Cornwall - decided to wear her ballgown around the house instead, and shared pictures of herself with pals.

Binderella: another entrant donned her wedding dress to do the bins (

The response to Angie's pictures was huge, and she went on to create a Facebook group, which now has a whopping 10,000 members.

Angie said: "We were supposed to be going to Birmingham to pick up an award for the charity I started.

"We had been nominated and were very excited, but it was cancelled because of the pandemic.

"We were all dressed up with nowhere to go, and I decided to wear my ballgown for a meal with my family.

How about a cocktail dress for a spot of hoovering? (

"I took some pictures and put them on Facebook, just of us having a laugh. A friend messaged me saying I should do something with them because they were funny.

"The next day I set up the Facebook page Put Your Bins Out In Your Ballgown."

Angie's applications have come from all over the world, from the USA and Australia to Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Angie added: "I just thought it would be for a few of my friends, but by the end of the first day we had 1,000 members - it went crazy.

The project aims to lift people's spirits with a spot of fashion fun during lockdown (SWNS)
The project aims to lift people's spirits with a spot of fashion fun during lockdown (SWNS)

"Now, almost two weeks later, we have 10,000 members and there are another 10,000 on the waiting list.

"It's all people who are in lockdown, the idea is not to save anything for a better day but to enjoy it now.

"It's about making the mundane more exciting. It's about getting in the spirit of it and treating yourself."

Members of the group are adding hilarious captions their entries.

Entries having flooded in from as far as the USA, Australia and Hong Kong (

Vicky O'Lenskie asked: "What colour of bin are you putting out this week?" while wearing a ballgown to put out her rubbish and drinking champers.

Sarah May Jones, who wore a shiny silver coat with a huge cats head mask, wrote: "There ain't no telling who you might meet."

Goals, tbh.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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