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Woman Can’t Stop Laughing At Hermes Driver’s Delivery Photo

Woman Can’t Stop Laughing At Hermes Driver’s Delivery Photo

A mum is in stitches after seeing her son featuring in the Hermes delivery driver's proof of delivery photo.

A mum of two was left stunned by the proof of delivery picture she received after a parcel was delivered to her by Hermes – showing the driver handing her parcel to her three-year-old son through the letterbox.

Krystle Osborne, 37, from Filey, North Yorkshire, received the picture via email after the package was delivered, but was baffled when she realised who had “signed” for it – her three-year-old son, Alfie.

In the picture, Alfie’s hand can be seen poking out of the letterbox as the driver holds out the parcel – which is far too big to squeeze through the opening.

Alfie tried taking the parcel in for his mum. (
Jam Press)

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Luckily, the parcel still made its way safely to Krystle, and the mum-of-two saw the funny side – finding the picture was hysterical.

“I got an email notification to say my parcel had been delivered, which I didn't look at straight away,” Krystle said.

Mum in hysterics at this proof of delivery photo from Hermes. (
Jam Press)

“With it coming up to Christmas, I've had quite a few and it's always the same chap who delivers from this particular courier.

“The pictures are usually of either my mum’s or brother’s feet in the open doorway as they look after my son and daughter while I'm at work.

“So it wasn't until a few days after I'd received the parcel that I'd actually seen the picture that he'd attached as the proof of delivery which made me laugh out loud.

Krystal and her son Alfie. (
Jam Press)

“I'm assuming it gave him a giggle too and that's why he submitted it.

“As always, I’m very happy with the service I receive from Hermes and am glad the delivery chap has a sense of humour – I laugh every time I look at this picture," she added.

Featured Image Credit: Unplash/MealPro

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