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Woman Films Men's Reaction To Her Walking By Using Phone In Back Pocket

Woman Films Men's Reaction To Her Walking By Using Phone In Back Pocket

An Instagram model secretly recorded men staring at her bottom with her iPhone.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Stunning model Alexas Morgan has conducted a unique social experiment - using her iPhone to film men staring at her bottom.

The 24-year-old from Miami, Florida is no stranger to showing off her bodacious body, having racked up over 4.1 million followers on photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Alexas used an iPhone in her back pocket to film (
Jam Press)

But the curvaceous star was curious to see "how many stares her booty gets" on an average day.

Putting her iPhone in the back pocket of her skin-tight purple disco pants, Morgan secretly filmed herself going about her daily tasks, including going to a supermarket and heading into a restaurant.

The results saw a number of flabbergasted men craning to leer at Morgan's fuller-figure.

From glancing to full-on stretching their necks to get a closer look, Morgan ramped up the comedy value of the video by adding humorous sound effects to the men who stopped to stare.

The model left her followers in hysterics with the silly vid, with many fans saying it was the very last "admirer" that sent them over the edge.

Men were caught trying to sneak a peek (
Jam Press)

One wrote: "It was the last one for me. Dude turned his head a whole 180 just to see."

Another added: "The last one bro cracked his spine to look".

Meanwhile, a third said: "I'm crying the last one".

One passer-by was particularly enthralled (

In other phone-related news, the iPhone may have put an end to "height-fishing" once and for all with their brand new iPhone 12 Pro.

The new gizmo features a LiDAR Scanner which can measure a person's height instantly using the Measure app. The sensor is so accurate it can even measure a person's height if they are sitting down.

When using the Measure app, it detects a person in the viewfinder and automatically measures their height from the ground to the top of their head.

All you have to do is position the iPhone so that the person you want to measure is on screen from head to toe. A line will appear at the top of the person's head with their height measurement in either feet and inches or in centimeters - and with brutal accuracy.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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