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This Zoo Is Letting You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentine's Day

This Zoo Is Letting You Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentine's Day

The ULTIMATE Gal-entines present...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ah, Valentine's Day. For many couples, it's a day of PDA, romance and being spoilt rotten.

But what about the newly single and oh so bitter amongst us? How are we supposed to mark the occasion while everyone else is all loved up?

Well, why not name a cockroach after your ex?

The perfect gift to buy yourself in the wake of a break up, or treat your single friend to: Hemsley Conservation Centre is now offering the opportunity to honour your worthless ex "someone" by naming one of their cockroaches after them.

Everyone has someone to name a cockroach after (

The hilarious cockroach tribute costs just £1.50, and in return for your cash, the ex's name will be attributed to one of the dirty creatures, and added to the centre's official roach board.

The best part is you'll also get a downloadable certificate to confirm you've named one of the pack.

And you'll be doing your bit for nature, too, as the money raised will go towards helping animals through the other projects the zoo is working on.

A statement from the centre said: "We are highlighting these creatures through our 'name a cockroach programme' (we think adopt is a little too strong, after all - you probably don't want to adopt your ex) to raise money for our projects at the zoo."

Naming a cockroach is way better than a traditional Gal-entines gift (

While the certificate is sure to make a hilarious momento, the zoo makes sure to clarify that your ex's name won't be printed, as they don't want to "fuel the fire".

But fear not, there's a section of the certificate to add your own comments in, so if the person in question really deserves it then you can just whack it on yourself.

Even if you don't have a horrible ex or a heartbroken pal, why not dig out £1.50 anyway and get in on the fun?

It's for a good cause, after all.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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