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Hilarious Snap Shows Little Girl's First Day Of School - And The Struggle Is Real

Hilarious Snap Shows Little Girl's First Day Of School - And The Struggle Is Real

This little girl on her first day back to school is literally all of us...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We still remember that feeling of going back to school after the summer holidays - you forget just how tiring it allis.

And nobody illustrates it better than five-year-old Lucie from Glasgow, whose mum Jillian shared two hilarious before and after shots.

In the first image, little Lucie was all smiles as she beamed alongside her elder brother, with her school uniform neat and orderly and a bow sweetly tucked into her hair.

Jillian Falconer
But the second snap was a stark contrast, showing just how much returning to the classroom had taken its toll.

Frowning at the camera, Lucie no longer looked prim and proper,and instead sported a scruffy hair-do with the bow hanging limply off her head.

Her tie was loosened and her cardigan was hanging off one shoulder, while one of her knee high socks were falling down, too.

We've all been there Lucie, we've all been there...


And she wasn't the only one, as other mums were quick to share their kids' transformations after spotting bedraggled Lucie.

One mum shared a hilarious snap of her daughter Harper, whose hair and uniform also got significantly messier throughout the day.

Meanwhile, another shared an image of her daughter Savannah, who certainly looked like she had a good day playing.


Speaking to Pretty52 about the furore surrounding the funny snap of Lucie, her dad Kieran said: "Both me and mum are just stunned and very proud of her and only thought the picture would be shared between friends and family.

"None of us can believe it because she's not usually like that. [She] always looks perfect never a hair out of place!"

While discussing the snap with, Lucie's mum said that the "wee madame" had really enjoyed seeing her friends again, but was very worn out by the time she got home.

"She had her skirt round her ankles almost and a bow at the back of her hair. I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends," her mum said.

"I did say to her, "What did you do today?" and got usual reply all children give, "Oh, nothing much".

It's not just Lucie who found school a little draining, as Lily Schooley, six, from Cornwall, was so keen to miss a day in class that she even pretended to have chicken pox.... the dedication!


Determined to get a day at home, Lily borrowed a red permanent marker, pretending to "do her homework" - and came down covered in a "chicken pox" rash ready to show her parents, mum-of-two Charlotte Schooley, 34, and husband David.

When her parents, fighting back laughter, told her she'd need to go to the doctors, Lily changed her mind about her plan and ran back upstairs to try to scrub her spots off.

Ah, remember when having to go to maths class was your biggest problem?

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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