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Mum's Photo Goes Viral After Son's Jumper Appears To Say A Very Rude Word

Mum's Photo Goes Viral After Son's Jumper Appears To Say A Very Rude Word

The jumper raised a lot of eyebrows after one mum was left baffled by he word etched on the front...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A mum was left a little flustered after she noticed what appeared to be a rude word on the front of a kid's jumper.

Samantha Atkinson was left a little red faced after shopping for her three children at the Australian department store Kmart over the weekend, and coming across a yellow girls hoodie.

The 44-year-old from Perth, Western Australia, said she had to look twice after thinking the piece of clothing had a swear word printed on it.

But upon closer inspection, she realised it was simply hung up in a way that made the slogan "Kindness Counts" appear to say 'Kindness C**ts.' LOL.

The jumper looked like it had quite a rude message on it (

The finance manager said: "My husband and I had popped into Kmart to pick up some baby clothes for my seven month old daughter.

"I saw the hoodie and had to look twice. I actually walked back to take another look.

"I decided to snap a photo, and it was exactly as photographed. I didn't manipulate the clothing at all.

"I thought it was hilarious, although had to ask my husband if he saw what I did in case it didn't look that way to anyone else.

"We had only just come off having to wear masks so I wondered if it was a message to customers from a stressed out Kmart employee after the week of lockdown.

"I'm not sure if that was way they envisioned it would fall when hung up, especially in the kids section."

The actual Kmart jumper (

After posting the picture online, Samantha was inundated with hundreds of likes, comments and shares from other parents who thought it was a hilarious find.

Others had stated they also saw the same article of clothing hanging up in store and had the same experience of believing it was a swear word.

The mum added: "I shared the photo with my friends and family, and had to apologise for the language as it isn't a word I'd normally use or the type of thing I'd send.

"But they all thought it was very funny. So I decided to share it on a Kmart group.

"I was hoping it would make one or two people smile, I certainly didn't expect the reaction it got as I've never posted in that group before.

"The real message of 'kindness counts' is great and I would love my daughter to be able to wear it when she is older."

The mum shared the hilarious jumper on social media (

She joked: "Maybe it will inspire their next range though, as when I posted a photo of it there seemed to be plenty of people that would order one."

A spokesperson for Kmart said: "At Kmart, families are at the heart of everything we do and our in-house design team take great care designing positive and empowering sentiments for each style.

"It is disappointing to see our "kindness counts" kids hoodie being photographed incorrectly and we can confirm none of these styles are produced in this way."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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