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Woman Goes On Road Trip With Her Uber Driver After Her Plans Are Cancelled

Woman Goes On Road Trip With Her Uber Driver After Her Plans Are Cancelled

Safe to say he got a five star rating, then.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

We've all been there, when you strike up a conversation with your Uber driver and before you know it, you feel like you might be BFFs in the making.

That exact situation happened to Katlyn Gardenshire, from Arkansas, and her driver Robert, who went on an epic Bonnie and Clyde style road trip together.

When Katlyn found herself at a loose end in Denver when her boyfriend's flights were cancelled, she decided to get out and see the sights.

With a whole Saturday free to do whatever she wanted, the former TV reporter booked herself an Uber to the picturesque Red Rock Trails.

Katlyn's driver, Robert, turned out to have the gift of the gab, and was so charming that the pair soon became pals.

"He was an adorable, grey-haired, older gentleman," said Katlyn.

When Katlyn Gardenshire found herself at a loose end in Denver, she booked an Uber to the Red Rock Trails (

It wasn't long before the pair were exchanging their life stories.

As it turned out, Robert was a retired Air Force veteran and post office worker with plenty of tales to tell.

"He drives Uber for fun and extra cash," explained Katlyn.

"He's been married once but said it didn't really count because he believes marriage is supposed to last. He doesn't have kids and all of his family live in Texas."

Cut to the Red Rocks Trails, where Katlyn was due to jump out and wave goodbye to Robert. But having enjoyed their conversation so much, she invited him along on the trail.

Uber driver Robert - a retired Air Force veteran and post office worker - joined Katlyn on her hike (

"I wasn't really expecting him to accept my invite - but he did!" she said.

Moments later, the duo has grabbed their pamphlets and were heading out on the 1.5 mile hike, snapping plenty of cute pictures along the way.

"I could tell Robert was having the time of his life, because not only did he pose for every picture I asked him to but he did it with a smile," Katlyn continued.

"He was a pretty dang good photographer."

After the hike, Katlyn treated Robert to lunch at the nearby rooftop bar - but the trip wasn't over yet.

Next, the new-found BFFs headed downtown to explore Union Station, where they browsed book stores, bought candy and grabbed coffee.

Katlyn described Robert as
Katlyn described Robert as

They even found an ice skating rink, but Robert had to watch Katlyn skate from the sidelines, saying that he "would break a hip" otherwise.

After exploring downtown Denver, the big day out came to an end, and the pair caught the bus back to Robert's car for the 30 minute drive back to Katlyn's hotel.

Before going their separate ways, the friends exchanged Facebook pages and numbers.

"He [Robert] told me I'd made his day, as he did mine," said Katlyn.

"He went on about how much fun he had, then looked over and asked me if he could have a hug. Of course I said yes.

"We got out of the car, hugged, said our goodbyes, and promised to keep in touch and link up next time I'm in town."

Katlyn hopes that by sharing her experience she'll encourage others to be kind and a more present. (

Katlyn hopes that by sharing her experience she'll encourage others to listen in, engage and be a little more present. She wrote on Facebook:

"I could've easily just gotten in the back of Robert's car, ignored him and played on my phone but I decided to be kind. I engaged in conversation, asked questions, and got to know someone.

"Bottom line, you never know who could use your kindness. Be kind, be present, be positive, make a difference."

This adorable friendship gets a five star rating from us.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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