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This Dog Umbrella Is The Stuff Of Dog Owner Dreams

This Dog Umbrella Is The Stuff Of Dog Owner Dreams

Gone are the days of drying off your soggy dog after walks. Hallelujah.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Ever been walking your dog on a particularly drizzly day and been hit by the injustice of it all?

While you manage to keep dry, snuggled under your umbrella and raincoat, your pooch is forced to brave the elements, more often than not returning from their walk sopping wet.

We wouldn't go out in the rain without some protection, so why do we expect our pets to?

Well funny you should ask that, because one innovative new pet product has solved this problem so you can have guilt-free walks.

The dog umbrella is simply an upside down brolly with a hook that's attached to your dog's normal lead.

You simply clip it on to your dog's collar and your pup will keep dry as a bone.

Gone are the days of spending ages drying them off at home post-walk before they jump on the sofa.

It's also bound to be an excellent conversation starter in the park.

This particular option is from costing $13.99 (£11.40) and $3 (£2.44) for UK tracked delivery, which could take two to three weeks.

Aside from that, there are many similar version for sale online a such as the HappyLife Pet Umbrella on Amazon for £5.25, or the cheapest we've found, the Pet Umbrella from for £5.

If you dote on your pets and the pet umbrella sounds right up your street, why not go one step further and twin with your pooch in a matching coat?


In August, lifestyle brand Joules released a pet collection featuring mini coats for your four-legged friends in the same style as their most popular products, meaning you can match.

As well as coats, the brand is offering beds, collars, toys, leads and accessories to keep your dog as stylish as you are.

Our dog walking game is about to level up.

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