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People Are Making Pasta Boards And We're Suddenly Hungry

People Are Making Pasta Boards And We're Suddenly Hungry

Who doesn't love a selection board? Piles of charcuterie. Tasty cheeses. The best condiments. They're delish, great for sharing and offer a pick-and-mix of the best savoury foods.

Earlier this month, Tyla brought you an epic new spin on the traditional selection board: fry boards. If you hadn't guessed, that's a big old selection of chips (ridged, skinny, spiced, chunky, you name it) served with a rainbow of dips for dunking.

Now a new take on the trend has emerged - and it's just as carby.


Ladies and gents, please don your elasticated trousers for... the pasta board. Now, we're not just talking about a portion of spag bol served on a board-type platter, but a selection of beautiful fresh pastas that would make any Italian mamma proud.

Think chunky tubes of rigatoni, dinky farfalle bows, super-fine angel hair pasta, nests of tagliatelle and flat, wide strips of pappardelle.

The trend first caught our eye when Insta-foodie Jane Schafer Hardy (@foodsofjane) shared an epic pasta board to her (usually noodle-focused) feed.

"Introducing, the charnoodlerie board!" punned the Cleveland-based cook.


Oh Jane, you've outdone yourself with this culinary masterpiece.

There's twirly fusilli. There's little spirals of gemelli. There's Creste di Galle, which look like tiny ridged shells. Cue a lot of mouth watering.

Much like the fry boards, Jane's board comes with a selection of sides, from butter to chilli oil and tomatoey concoctions. Heaven.

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Fry-Boards Are The New Cheeseboards And Now We're Hungry


Neighbourhood pizza and pasta restaurant Lupa Osteria in Durbanville, Capetown, does a similar thing, presenting pasta boards to diners, to show them what each type of fresh pasta looks like.

Lupa Osteria's mix-and-match menu is designed so that you choose your sauce, then your pasta base. There are little bowls of extra toppings like garlic, chilli and Parmesan for that extra kick of flavour too.

Elsewhere in the world of pasta boards, we are loving these selections of gorgeous colourful pastas and gnocchi made with handmade pasta tools in Gunma, Japan, shared by @baltimorehomecook and @imaikouba.


The eye-catching creations take their colour from natural ingredients like spinach powder.

While Tomaso's Italian Kitchen in Scottsdale, Arizona, pile their cooked Primi Piatti on to a pasta board.

People Are Making Christmas Sourdough Bread - And It Looks Delicious

People Are Making Christmas Sourdough Bread - And It Looks Delicious

published at7 days ago

The dish features a generous pile of busiati pasta with braised eggplant, topped with a san marzano tomato herb sauce, and ricotta secca.

Heaven. We'll be attempting to recreate these at home.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @foodsofjane

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